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  2021/9/15 Hello! Q&A


Q: Is there anything in particular you do for your health?

Takeuchi Akari
Posted Image

Drink lots of water.

Kawamura Ayano
Posted Image

Drinking lots of water!! I also have vitamin drinks often!

Sasaki Rikako
Posted Image

Laughing often!!!

Kamikokuryou Moe
Posted Image

Sleep a lot. Also, properly shower myself in morning sunlight!
With lack of sleep your power really doesn't come out。。。

Kasahara Momona
Posted Image

Nothing! Unhealthy living every day.

Ise Layla
Posted Image

Be diet-conscious! Walk every day! Exercise every day! Sweat every day!

Hashisako Rin
Posted Image

Drink hot water.

Kawana Rin
Posted Image

Walking a lot!
Since you use various muscles walking with good posture and it builds endurance, you can sleep soundly at night.

Tamenaga Shion
Posted Image

Drinking hot water first thing in the morning~!
Just with this I can continue on every day!
Since I hear water (especially hot water) is good for the body, I want to continue it from now on!

Matsumoto Wakana
Posted Image

Early to bed and early to rise, and morning and evening stretching.

Original Japanese text:

Thanks to Locksaur for the graphics, and Saeba Ryo for the source!

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