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15-Oct 2021
Hello!Project Chisaki Morito - with thanks (Photo. (0)
Hello!Project Chisaki Morito - with thanks (Limit. (0)
Hello!Project Chisaki Morito - with thanks (Amazo. (0)

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Hello!Project Who is your favourite 15th gen. Momusu member?
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  I luv them all
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  Hello! Q&A MM'21 (9/7/2021)  
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  2021/9/7 Hello! Q&A

Morning Musume '21

Q: Please tell us a movie you recommend.

Fukumura Mizuki
Posted Image

"Sister Act" "The Bucket List"

Ikuta Erina
Posted Image

"Leon: The Professional" and "The World of Kanako (Kawaki)"
I also like Sion Sono films.

Ishida Ayumi
Posted Image

"Case Closed: Captured in Her Eyes" movie version: Touches my heart
"Case Closed: The Phantom of Baker Street" movie version: The life-threatening loveeee
"Case Closed: Strategy Above the Depths" movie version: The elementary schoolkids Shinichi and Ran are cute
"Case Closed: The Darkest Nightmare" movie version: I love Curaçao
"Case Closed: The Fist of Blue Sapphire" movie version: Touches my heart

Sato Masaki
Posted Image

"Spirited Away"

Oda Sakura
Posted Image

It's a movie called "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride"!
I love it!

Nonaka Miki
Posted Image

"Koto no Ha no Niwa"!
It's the perfect rainy season~summer picture! I definitely want you to see it ◎

Makino Maria
Posted Image

Disney movies ♡♡
I like them all ♡

Haga Akane
Posted Image

"The House Where the Mermaid Sleeps"
"Paco and the Magical Book"

Kaga Kaede
Posted Image

It's "Ocean's 8".
I saw it by chance on a plane and was obsessed. I feel like I've talked about it on my blog too、、 lol

Yokoyama Reina
Posted Image


Morito Chisaki
Posted Image

"The Devil Wears Prada"
The clothes are so cool I love it a ton ♡

Kitagawa Rio
Posted Image

When you want some relief→ "Cafe Funiculi Funicula" "Every Day"
When you want to see something packed with thrills→ "The Witness" "Confessions" "Diner" "Parasite"
When you want to watch a bit of a heart-rending love story→ "Drowning Love" "After the Rain" "Brain on Fire"
Simple love stories→ "Paradise Kiss" "You Shine in the Moonlight" "You Are the Apple of My Eye"
When you want to cry→ "Me Before You" "Hope" "Sunny: Tsuyoi Kimochi Tsuyoi Ai"
When you want to laugh→ "Teiichi: Battle of Supreme High" "The After-Dinner Mysteries"
My personal recommendations→ "My Little Princess" "Kasane" "Pumpkin and Mayonnaise" "The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese"

Okamura Homare
Posted Image

"The Conjuring"

Yamazaki Mei
Posted Image

I've seen "Frozen", but since I haven't seen "Frozen 2", I want to see it!
In the past, other than Disney movies, I watched nothing but Pretty Cure All-Stars!

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