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15-Oct 2021
Hello!Project Chisaki Morito - with thanks (Photo. (0)
Hello!Project Chisaki Morito - with thanks (Limit. (0)
Hello!Project Chisaki Morito - with thanks (Amazo. (0)

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Hello!Project Who is your favourite 15th gen. Momusu member?
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  Hello! Q&A Angerme (9/1/2021)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 21:01, 1-Sep 2021  
  2021/9/1 Hello! Q&A


Q: You're planning a prank! What kind of prank would you play on whom?

Takeuchi Akari
Posted Image

I want to play a prank on Momona that everything she touches gets destroyed!
It'd be a prank where I'd have her touch things that were already broken, and make Momona think she broke them all lol

Kawamura Ayano
Posted Image

I want to have Takeuchi-san guess what's in a box!
Since her actions are funny I want to try seeing it! I'd want to put something frog-like inside lol

Sasaki Rikako
Posted Image

I want to try playing very plain pranks on Kassa-chan over and over.

Kamikokuryou Moe
Posted Image

A prank on all of Angerme that I'm graduating.

Kasahara Momona
Posted Image

I'd go to Rin-chan's house and make her lizard and my parrot play together (is that a prank? lol)

Ise Layla
Posted Image

A prank to have my horror videos suddenly appear on the cell phone screens of members who are always playing with their phones!!

Hashisako Rin
Posted Image

I'd prank Sasaki-san with a whoopie cushion.

Kawana Rin
Posted Image

I want to play a prank on Hashisako-san with a toy bug.
I want to return the favor to Hashisako-san who's always pranking us! lol

Tamenaga Shion
Posted Image

I want to play a prank on Hashisako-san!
I want to see what her reaction would be if our setlist gets changed right before a show to songs only she doesn't know! lol (the other members would all know them)
I occasionally have dreams like this where I'm the only one who doesn't know them, so I'm incredibly curious what would happen if it became reality... lol

Matsumoto Wakana
Posted Image

A prank on (Kawana) Rin-chan that when she wakes up there are lots of frogs around her futon.
I'm curious whether Rin-chan who likes frogs would be happy or scared by it. lol lol

Original Japanese text:

Thanks to Locksaur for the graphics, and Saeba Ryo for the source!

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