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  1. ☆れいな☆

    Made a comment, Jun 01 2016 10:50 PM

    sigh... can someone invite me to jpopsuki? my torrent ratio on here was really good, so i can guarantee my invite will not bear anything negative towards you.

    • Lurkette's Photo
      Do you know what your ratio was, specifically?
  2. ☆れいな☆

    Made a comment, Dec 04 2015 05:49 PM

    So another petition to have LoVendoR open for MM? Futile, I know.

    • ☆れいな☆'s Photo
      I know lol, it's wishful thinking. I think people were trying to get them to invite LoVendoR for NYC. I'm just gonna have to suck it up and go to Japan.
  3. ☆れいな☆

    Made a comment, Nov 29 2015 01:37 PM

    Lovendor isn't going to the H!P countdown this year? They're having their own show? Damn, I want to watch.

  4. ☆れいな☆burnt glitter

    Made a comment, Jul 11 2015 02:01 PM

    wow, you;re active?! i feel like it's been forever since you've been on. still clearing out your collection? i saw you were thinking of parting with a reina shirt, lol.

    • burnt glitter's Photo
      burnt glitter
      Haha yeah!! Well I have been here on and off over the years but usually just lurking, I've only recently started posting a bit again. I'm still parting with some of it since the amount is getting ridiculous but I'm too lazy to list things so it's just sitting around still lol. The members here are so different now, there are very few familiar names... Glad to see you've stuck around though! :)
    • ☆れいな☆'s Photo
      I spend most of my time lurking here, too, tbh! A lot has changed, it makes me feel old and nostalgic, lol. I just wonder what everyone's up to, these days. Really happy to see you back here! (Are you also burntglitter on twitter?)
  5. ☆れいな☆

    Made a comment, Jun 08 2015 04:40 PM

    why cant i change my avatar....

    • the rose garden's Photo
      the rose garden
      I believe that's a problem with the system that hasn't been fixed yet... A couple of other forum members also have this problem.
  6. ☆れいな☆

    Made a comment, Jan 04 2015 11:45 PM

    Yeeesssss, I have finally achieved a 1.00 tracker ratio.

  7. ☆れいな☆

    Made a comment, Dec 14 2014 03:21 PM

    Need more Risako goods. (And no I won't go on Idol!Swap.)

  8. ☆れいな☆

    Made a comment, Oct 08 2014 11:28 PM

    its kind of weird finding out a member is totally a jerk but then seeing everyone else in the fandom call them the nicest person ever or oh so cool.... i guess i shouldnt say anything?

    • Moondoggie's Photo
      Well the majority are often quite cliquey anyway so should be avoided. I mostly avoid whole threads at times because a small group take it over and push everyone else out. A lot of people use multiple sites and forums anyway it's not like this place is the only place to go just the biggest.

      Honestly a lot of people here don't like people they like free stuff
    • ☆れいな☆'s Photo
      Very true, I've noticed that. I don't partake in this fandom much outside of H!O and Tumblr. FB groups are too cliquey for me, and idk, just not my thing. I found a couple of the FB fans to be snobby when I interacted with them in the stores and stuff. This particular fan is on here, and on FB, so I don't know if he's on JH!P or not.

      +1 that statement, ain't that the truth.
    • Lurkette's Photo
      'Kay but now I just want to know more. I'm in agony.
      But it's your business. I'm sorry someone hurt your experience, though, because that's not cool.
  9. ☆れいな☆

    Made a comment, May 05 2014 01:30 PM

    The only way my day could be improved is if they announced LoVendoR as opening act for MM'14 in NY. I am on cloud 9 today~

  10. ☆れいな☆

    Made a comment, Dec 26 2013 04:33 AM

    So Doctor Who