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  1. michi.K.O

    Made a comment, Mar 15 2014 05:57 AM

    I kinda want a graduation announcement. It's been a while.

    • Moondoggie's Photo
      Probably not until at least next year i imagine. Or follow AKB they seem to have graduations like every week.
    • the rose garden's Photo
      the rose garden
      With the 12th gen. joining later this year, I really think Sayumi will graduate at the end of the Spring 2015 tour.
    • WhiteForte's Photo
      Don't worry, Sayu will follow soon.
  2. michi.K.O

    Made a comment, Mar 08 2014 05:03 AM

    Some element in E-girls' RYDEEN PV was exactly what I wanted for Momusu's Only You, especially Gaki-san's part.

  3. michi.K.O

    Made a comment, Feb 28 2014 06:24 PM

    I wanna see an interaction between Momochi and Mendy on a tv show! XD

  4. michi.K.O

    Made a comment, Feb 22 2014 06:06 PM

    For years I've wanted a MoMusu member to have a collab with M-Flo and still nothing. But now I get two collaborative songs by FLOWER and M-Flo so I guess I'll be fine with no MoMusu collab. XD

  5. michi.K.O

    Made a comment, Feb 04 2014 05:04 AM

    I really like Uemura Akari and wanna support her but I find J=J's songs to be sooooo dreadfully boring~

    • Moondoggie's Photo
      They vary in mileage for me. I do like their most recent single a lot. The rest are just sort of okay. Akari doesn't sing much though so you don't have to pay much attention to the music XD. Her job is to stand there and be gorgeous in magazines.
    • the rose garden's Photo
      the rose garden
      Really? O.O I think their music is such a breath of fresh air!
    • michi.K.O's Photo
      Well, it is nice that they hv a certain distinctive sound which differs from other groups but I tend to loathe mid-tempo songs. If Akari doesn't sing much then I'll continue supporting just by buying the magazine she appears in. XD
  6. michi.K.O

    Made a comment, Feb 01 2014 06:41 AM

    FLOWER's first album is on it's way to beat the sales of E-girls first album!! And it's doing really well digitally too! <3 So proud of the LDH female groups!

  7. michi.K.O

    Made a comment, Jan 17 2014 06:43 AM

    Whenever people post pictures of MoMusu billboards, I always end up noticing the billboard of another group that I like. XD

  8. michi.K.O

    Made a comment, Jan 02 2014 07:29 AM

    I need to watch the Morning Coffee performance from the countdown party! Even micrip will do!! *overflowing emotions*

  9. michi.K.O

    Made a comment, Jan 01 2014 05:17 AM

    OMG! Yuko is seriously graduating? It's not a joke?? I haven't found anyone from later generations that I like as much since Kaoru graduated. :(

  10. michi.K.O

    Made a comment, Dec 07 2013 10:15 AM

    The simplicity of FLOWER's Hatsukoi PV never fail to make me smile. It's so different than their usual PV but just as beautiful. http://www.jpopsuki.tv/video/Flower---Hatsukoi/35a0b002384e7675f36cab0135dd8c3c

  11. michi.K.O

    Made a comment, Nov 24 2013 05:24 AM

    First, an Arena Tour, now their first ever Kouhaku invite!! So much FEEEELLLSSS for E-Girls!! They deserve it! <3

    • michi.K.O's Photo
      Yup. The arena tour was announced last week. Kouhaku was recently announced. =)
    • Sa-Mantha's Photo
      The list for Kouhaku hasn't been released yet... The list for Fuji TV's 2013 FNS Kayousai has been released but not the list for NHK's Kouhaku.
    • Chimai's Photo
      ^ Uh, the first time invitees have been released now.

  12. michi.K.O

    Made a comment, Nov 17 2013 02:40 PM

    E-Girls getting their own arena tour!!!!

    • 웰빙폴's Photo
      E-Girls for the win. ヽ(^。^)丿
    • Machi-chan's Photo
      Omg this is fantastic!!! Do we know when this will be??
    • michi.K.O's Photo
      Spring 2014 iirc. SOOO EXCITED!!!!
  13. michi.K.O

    Made a comment, Nov 05 2013 07:20 AM

    I miss the M-Flo Loves series. J-Pop was sooo amazing at that time. =')

  14. michi.K.O

    Made a comment, Oct 19 2013 09:55 AM

    So..when can I expect another Fuku-chan PB??

  15. michi.K.O

    Made a comment, Oct 18 2013 05:28 PM

    Eripon withdraws from FLOWER/E-Girls activities. =( Well at least she's still under LDH.

    • Minagi-chan's Photo
      When I read Eripon I thought you meant MM's Eripon... that startled me, lol...
  16. michi.K.O

    Made a comment, Oct 18 2013 12:56 PM

    All H!P groups need MVs like C-ute! <3

    • JuulChii's Photo
      They are very creative, yes !! ... in H!P regular MVs wise
    • michi.K.O's Photo
      ^lol yeah. But they need to at least get to that level first. Then only can I hope for E-Girls' level MVs from H!P.
    • CAiTlin_Beat's Photo
      Definitely :3
  17. michi.K.O

    Made a comment, Oct 12 2013 07:16 AM

    First SMAPxSMAP, now Music Station! And to think that E-Girls could barely keep up with Berryz on the chart last year. So proud of the girls!! <3

    • Morning Death's Photo
      Morning Death
      Wait, is Berryz Koubou like the lowest standard?
    • korokorori's Photo
      no, not lowest standard. E-gils had passed c-ute highest sales. they had improved so much
    • michi.K.O's Photo
      Urm no, sorry if I made it sound like that. Its just that IIRC one of their earlier singles was released on the same week as Berryz and E-Girls could barely stay in top 10.