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Posted by 綺麗な氷, 27 April 2008 · 200 views

That last entry I made had me in the mood to say hugbees. :lol:

All that I made writing my last blog...I figured I'd come back to the W thread and there'd be a new post. But there wasn't, sadly.
So, I have to think of something to say or I'll go crazy. AND YOU DON'T WANT THAT DO YA?

So...uh..what am I going to say? I'll just ramble as usual.

After mentioning Freakazoid, I just had to go back and watch some. D:
In which I had to rely on youtube again.

Music? Music! When in doubt talk about music!
When I first discovered ocremix, it was all just too much. I was overwhelmed by how much there was to get initially. I was like wow, so much, I'll never listen to all of it.
Now it's like they can't put out music fast enough.

Actually no that wrong, it's like they didn't have enough to begin with in some ways. lol

The wikipedia entry on emocore is utterly WRONG. It starts off on first wave emo(or what I like to call most of "proto-emo") fairly accurate. The rest of the article is trash.
2nd wave and third wave emo? I listened to Sunny Day Real Estate, they sounded more like grunge than emo.

Even the utter true emo I have disputes with how the label is used. I come across loads of emo bands that sound like grindcore more than emo.
Which I mean it does have it's history of grindcore and emo crossover, like Orchid.

The search for true emo sound is only made not hard by the fact there's simply loads of real emo bands out there. You basically just have to download one and hope for the best, chances are good that you'll get lucky. I still feel like I've barely scratched the surface and I've listened to over a hundred emo bands.

Just for the record, Sunny Day Real Estate is not emo, neither is Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional, Panic! At The Disco, Thursday, Hawthorne Heights, Box Car Racer, AFI, HIM and Silverstein are NOT emo.

Rites of Spring, Fugazi and Dag Nasty are Proto-Emo.

Bands like Orchid, Neil Perry, Pg. 99 and Ampere are emogrind.

Bands like Portraits of Past, Funeral Diner, Anomie, Raein, Lion of the North and hundred of others I don't feel like listing, are pure emo.

And it seems I've made another entry with focus on emo music.

all I have to say is...I freaking love freakazoid.


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