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  Shuukan Gendai MoMusu love scoop: Eri Kamei's Old Flame Speaks Out [Updated]  
  Hello!Project Written by JpnRocks, epifanes, Krusha , updated: 9:24, 19-Feb 2008  
  "Eri Kamei's Old Flame Speaks Out"

It looks like 6th gen member Eri Kamei will be the next MM to be involved in a scandal. In the lastest issue of Shukan Gendai Eri's ex-bf from her high school days reveals some intimate details about their relationship.

Of course the popular Japanese low brow magazine never uses Eri's name. Throughout the entire article she is referred to as "A". But after reading the article it's pretty obvious who Shukan Gendai is talking about and it definitely isn't Takitty.

According to the magazine's sources and info provided by A's ex-bf who the magazine calls Okazaki, both he and A attended the same high school and were in the same grade. A is described by Shukan Gendai as a popular MM member because of her "pureness". They first met in the beginning of 10th grade but didn't know much about each other since they weren't in the same class. But as they started running into each other in the morning at the entrance of the school they started to take notice of each other.

Okazaki got A's contact info from a mutual friend. They started quietly meeting up at school early in the morning before class. Because of A's status it was not so easy to meet "outside", and that bothered her. Naturally they had their dates at home. Okazaki and A happen to live pretty close to each other. The distance could be covered by bicycle, so they met about once or twice a week. Most of the time A went to Okazaki's home and they often watched comedy DVDs together. Sometimes she would stay over on weekends. And apparently their relationship was well known on campus.

During A's busy schedule with Hello!Project, sometimes she sent him text saying, "Today is the first concert and I'm so nervous" and "I love you". A has also told him that someday she wants to become the top member of MM and she wants him to be proud of her. However, despite many invites, Okazaki never attended any of her concerts because he didn't want to be like one of the mowotas there. But A really wanted him to come see her performance so she had her mom make the request to him. Finally Okazaki accepted A's invitation and attended the first stop of MM's summer concert at Matsudo City Auditorium in Chiba Prefecture with A's mom. A was very moved when she saw that he showed up. Their eyes met and she waved at him several times during the finale.

Once in a while A and Okazaki did have dates outside. They sometimes went down to Yokohama like many high school kids or went to karaoke box. When they were at the karaoke, Okazaki would drink alcohol. A didn't sing any MM songs but did sing songs by Mini Moni. A seemed to really look up to Nozomi Tsuji (she was a member of Mini MOni).

Shukan Gendai also pointed out that there seems to be tension within MM between members who joined before their big break and members who came on after MM was already well established. A is really close to other teenage members who are similar in age like Sayumi Michishige and Risa Niigaki. Sometimes A would even pass her phone to Sayumi when she called Okazaki when they're staying at a hotel while on tour. On the other hand, the younger members hardly do stuff with the older members off stage and don't think much about hanging out with them. A hardly ever talks about the older members to Okazaki. The magazine speculates that perhaps that is the reason A doesn't sing any MM songs at karaoke.

When Shukan Gendai contacted MM's management Up Front Agency for comment, UFA replied that they've asked A about it but she denied it's true. But when Okazaki was approached with the same inquiry he responded, "it is absolutely correct." He added that after dating A for a little over a year back in high school they haven't kept in touch with each other. But he hasn't stopped supporting her. If that's true, why did he sell her out?

Update 1 - Kamei news hits Chinese media:

Sina, Chinanews 1
Sina, Chinanews 2
Sina, Chinanews 3
Sina, HK
Xinhuanet News

* All photos were taken at Okazaki's home. The top and middle photo (magazine page 23) were taken when they first started dating and the bottom photo was taken about a year later.

Magazine scans:


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