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Lovelitude > I'm baaaaaaack (since holding your finger down on a vowel key even while making up...

Posted 06 December 2022

For a full decade I stopped following idols totally, but recently the call of the idol has sounded in my head and cannot be ignored.

A lot has changed when you wake up from a 10-year Rip Van Winkle-esque sleep. I've discovered that:

- Morning Musume is the only unit whose name I could recognize at first. All other units are new and, to be honest, look...

Lovelitude > Synopsis of Gokujo Kukan 13-05-25 with Takahashi Ai and Kinoshita Yukina

Posted 01 June 2013

Gokujo Kukan 13-05-25 synopsis
Takahashi Ai and Kinoshita Yukina go for a drive and chat.


When Aichan was chosen to be in Momusu, she was sad at the same time that she was happy because Yukina didn't get chosen with her. She wanted them both to join together.  Yukina says that, honestly, even if she...

Lovelitude > Takahashi Ai interview in Nikkan Spa! 3-22-13 translated

Posted 25 March 2013

This is my translation of an in-depth interview with Takahashi Ai that appeared in Nikkan Spa! 3-22-13 .
Don't take this to mean I'm reviving the blog, but since I posted it in the Takahashi thread, I should post it here too.

OG Morning Musume Takahashi Ai Talks About Leadership Theory


Lovelitude > Q & A with Aichan on the radio

Posted 14 February 2010

I'm gonna give ya a full translation of Aichan's appearance on the radio show Nack5 Fanky Friday from two days ago. I say full translation although I've shortened/paraphrased parts. The conversation was recorded over the phone and consisted of the host asking yes/no questions where Aichan was to answer yes or no in English. (often...

Lovelitude > May the new year be a Lovely one

Posted 21 January 2010

Another great year to be an Aichan fan is under way! What's in store for Lovely? I have no idea, but I'm counting on her getting the lead role in some new play or TV series, as well as presiding over the addition of new musume some time before the year is up. *After* the stock is replenished through another audition, I won't be shocked if...