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BiS (Brand-new Idol Society)

03 May 2012 - 06:41 AM

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BiS was formed in January of 2011. Leader Pour Lui, a former soloist, wanted to create an idol group because she admired Morning Musume. The first gen consists of 4 members- Pour Lui, Hirano Nozomi, Nakayama Yukiko, and Yokoyama Rina. Their self titled debut album was released on March 23rd. Rina left the group because she didn't think she fit the unorthodox idol image. BiS released their first single, My Ixxx, in August and garnered much attention for the controversial PV in which the 3 members ran through the forest in skin tight, flesh coloured bodysuits to simulate nudity.
Auditions were held to replace Rina. Terashima Yufu, who found out about BiS from the controversy surrounding their My Ixxx PV, became interested in the group and auditioned, becoming the 4th member. In December, the released their 2nd single, primal. The PV was a new take on the traditional Close-up PV -the majority of the PV is footage inside the members mouths. Yukiko, for reasons similar to Rina, left the group in the aim of becoming a soloist.
On April Fools Day, BiS stunned fan saying their manager left them and their recording company was unsure how to deal with their image, so they were forced to become orthodox idols. They posted their "new" PV IDOL on their youtube, and fans were enraged to see the "new" BiS. Afterwards, they apologized to fans for the prank and premiered the real IDOL PV.
At the Killer BiS concert, they announced the results of their audition to replace Yukiko. This time not one, but 2 new members were added, Michibayashi Rio and Wakisaki Yurika. Pour Lui then announced that they were signing to avex trax. The new single will release in the summer.


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Pour Lui (Leader)
Nickname- Rui, Pooh
1990- 8- 20
ぷーぷーぷーぷー おならプー
(pu~pu~pu~pu~ onara pu~)

Bloodtype- A
Favourite Idols-
Morning Musume- Aibon, Aichan, Eririn, RihoRiho
Berryz Kobo- Risako, Momoko
hy4_4yh- Yukarin
Passpo- Makoto
pre-dia- Akkii

Hometown- Saitama
Hobby- Shopping
Fetish- Nose

Food- Pudding
Sport- Soccer, Jumprope
Female talent- Morning Musume
Cartoon- Bakuman
Colour- Pink

"If you could have one wish?"
Become a witch

"Where to go on date?"
Disney Sea!

"Person you admire?"
Takahashi Ai

"Animal you are most like?"


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Nozomi (My pace)
Nickname- Nonchan
Kiri tanpo umeyo, minna Akita no Koto nametara non non non

Bloodtype- O
Enjoys museums, eating, and listening to music.
Hometown- Akita
Skill- Perseverance
Flaw- Stubborn

Food- Chocolate, Omurice, sushi, ramen, Negitoro
Musical Artist- MADONNA
Colour- Pink, white, black x red, green, purple, black

"The world is ending today. What do you do?"
See favourite artist in concert, eat delicious food

"How do you reward yourself?"
Buy a sweet drink and sweets

"What's your current challege?"
Learn an instrument

"What is your addiction?"


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Terashima Yufu (Honor Student)
Nickname- Yufui
Furukiyokijidai kara kimashita. Majimena aidoru, majime ni aidoru!

College Honor Student
Always wanted to sing

Hobby- Singing, Dancing

Animal- Panda
Colour- Pink


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Michibayashi Rio (In charge of Kimoi)
Nickname- Mitchel
「かわいい女の子大好き! キモミッチェル!」
Kawaii Onna no ko daisuki! kimomiccheru!

Has always dreamed of being an idol. On the day of the BiS auditions, she saw on twitter that very few people showed up (around 10 total, incl her). She thought it would be a good way to meet idols, so she auditioned. She hopes to be able to meet idols she likes in the future.

She is very shy and gets flustered whenever complimented.

Hates wind and rain because they make her hair unkempt.

Her favourite idol group is Momoiro Clover Z, Shiori being her favourite member. She is also a fan of S/mileage and loves many other idols, especially cute ones.

Is a fan of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.

Loves spaghetti and eats it every week.


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Wakisaki Yurika (Pureness)
Nickname- Wacky
koko wa te, koko wa hiji, koko wa? Wakiwakiwakki!

Hometown- Kanagawa
University Student

Special Skill- peeling the skin of a grapefruit, dancing
Hobby- Comedy shows, making sweets

Dream is to joke around with comedians.
Auditioned because she felt BiS would do well in the future.
In her audition, she got overenthusiastic and said she was channeling Inoki-san.



More can be found at their youtube account-

T.C. Princess

23 December 2011 - 12:53 AM

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Back row- Momoka, Rika
Front row- Rio, Yuki
T.C. Princess (aka Techpri) are a local Sendai based Technopop idol group. They were originally a 5nin group, however Natsuki has graduated from the group and this group is so indie I ca'n't even find out why. Both 5nin and 4nin lineups have performed at Tokyo Idol Festival.


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Rika (leader)
Birthday- 1995/12/06
Blood type- O
Birthplace- Miyagi

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Rio (Subleader)
Birthday- 1995/06/29
Blood type- O
Birthplace- Miyagi

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Yukino (aka Yuki)
Birthday- 1994/12/19
Blood type- A
Birthplace- Miyagi

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Birthday- 1995/08/28
Blood type- N/A
Birthplace- N/A

Official site- http://ameblo.jp/techpri/

Kurosaki Maon

21 December 2011 - 11:48 PM

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Kurosaki Maon(黒崎真音)
Nickname- Maonsu, Sakikuro, Ojyou
Birthday- Jan. 13
Blood type- A

Maon was one of the founding members of Dear Stage. In 2010, she was signed to Geneon to release the album, H.O.T.D, a collection of all the ending themes to the anime High School of the Dead. From here she went on to establish a career as one of the biggest upcoming anison artists in the industry. She had her first overseas live at Anime Expo 2011. At Animelo Rainbow, it was announced that she would take part in the anison unit ALTIMA.

Maon has written all songs on the releases Magic∞world, Memories Last, and Goshiki Uta.

[2010.09.22] H.O.T.D.
[2011.11.30] Butterfly Effect

[2011.08.10] Goshiki Uta -Immortal Lovers- (五色詠 -Immortal Lovers-)

[2010.11.24] Magic∞world
[2011.03.02] Memories Last (メモリーズ・ラスト)

[2011.12.07] I'll believe
[2012.02.29] One

[2011.07.27] rainbow (with the other headliners of Animelo Summer Live Rainbow 2011)


21 December 2011 - 09:06 AM

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(L to R- Nemu, Risa, Mirin, Pinky, Eimi, Moga)

Dempagumi Inc. is made up of 5 members of Dear Stage, an idol cafe and bar in Akihabara. They released their first single "Mirror Magic" under an indies label. Their first and second major singles, "Kiss+Kiss de Owaranai" and "Piko Piku Pikkatte Koishite yo!" under Lantis. In 2011 they moved to the newly made label, Meme Tokyo which is run by Dear Stage's producer Mofuku, with their new single "Future Diver". They released their first album "Nee Kiite? Uchuu wo Sukuu no wa, Kitto Osushi... de wa Naku, Denmpagumi.inc!".


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Aizawa Risa(相沢梨紗) - Leader
Nickname- Risachii ( りさちー)
Catchphrase- 2.5jigen densetsu! (2.5次元伝説!)
Birthday- Aug. 2
Blood type- A
Height- 159cm
Wotaku Channel- Seiyu, 90's Video Games
Member colour- White


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Furukawa Mirin(古川未鈴)
Nickname- Mirinchan (みりんちゃん)
Catchphrase- Uttatte odoreru geemu aidoru(歌って踊れるゲームアイドル)
Birthday- Sept. 19
Blood type- A
Height- 165cm
Wotaku Channel- Game, Dance
Member colour- Red


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Yumemi Nemu(夢眠ねむ)
Nickname- Nemukyun (ねむきゅん)
Catchphrase- Eien no Maho Shoujou miman(永遠の魔法少女未満)
Birthday- July 14
Blood type- B
Height- 170
Wotaku Channel- Art, DJ
Member colour- Mint Green


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Naruse Eimi(成瀬瑛美)
Nickname- Eitaso (えいたそ)
Catchphrase- Hai tenshon A-POP Gaaru(ハイテンションA-POPガール)
Birthday- Feb. 16
Blood type- B
Height- 160cm
Wotaku Channel- Anime, Manga
Member colour- Orange


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Mogami Moga (最上もが)
Nickname- Mogachan, Gaamo(もがちゃん、がーもー)
Catchphrase- Kyou Moganbaruzou! (今日もがんばるぞー!)
Birthday- 2.26
Blood Type- N/A
Height- 160cm
Wotaku Channel- Internet Games, Anime, DJ
Member colour- Purple


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Fujisaki Ayane(藤咲彩音)
Nickname- Pinky! (ピンキー!)
Catchphrase- Uttate odotte shichiihenge! (歌って踊って七変化!)
Birthday- 1995/12/7
Blood Type- O
Height- 156cm
Wotaku Channel- Cosplay, Dance
Member colour- Blue


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Former members-
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Owata Akari(小和田あかり)
Birthday- Nov. 20
Blood type- A
Height- N/A

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Atobe Miu(跡部みぅ)
Birthday- March 2
Blood type- N/A
Height- 162cm


Official site- http://dempagumi.dearstage.com/


Future Diver-

Kuchizuke Kibonuu-

Sasaki Yukari, Team A

06 October 2011 - 05:55 AM

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Name: Sasaki Yukari (佐々木優佳里)
Nickname- Yukarun (ゆかるん)
Born: August 28th, 1995 in Saitama

12th Gen Kenkyuusei

Yukarun was the voice of Eguchi Aimi and appeared at AKB48's live performance ‘Yossha~Ikuzo~! in Seibu Dome‘ wearing a wig and prosthetic makeup to perform as Aimi, causing much shock about the now real CG idol.
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My favourite Kenkyuusei :3