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28 February 2010 - 12:32 PM





1. I mostly make sets, I'll give wallpapers or gif avatars a try if you really want but I can't promise it will turn out too well!
2. Obviously, please be nice! Constructive criticism is fine but don't comment just to be mean :wub:
3. I love requests, so feel free!
4. When requesting, you can be as specific or unspecific as you want. Providing images is preferable but it's fine if you just tell me who you want to be on the graphics <3
5. I will accept requests for other Asian musicians, but I prefer to stick to H!P as I know the girls a lot better, plus it's kind of against H!O rules to post non-H!P stuff...
6. I usually have requests done within one day, and I promise you'll never ever have to wait longer than a week.
7. Please use the graphics you requested, and please credit me! I go to a lot of effort to make them so I like to see them being put to good use~