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In Topic: Ogata Haruna (尾形春水)

04 August 2015 - 10:18 PM


It's all good guys, I love translating stuff and we all get to know Haachin more :D I'm a bit pedantic about finishing it up though so I'm gonna attempt part 2 now:


In Topic: Makino Maria (牧野真莉愛)

04 August 2015 - 04:40 PM

Haachin mentioned that in the times they've gone out for food together, Maria pretty much only rambles about baseball, who's playing who and what people are in this team or that team etc. If most of the girls aren't into it, and it's all she feels she has enough to talk at length about, or it's what she talks about when she's nervous or whatever, it might be a little isolating. I know I suck at small talk but I can get SUPER passionate talking about what I do know about and love, and it can be off-putting for others, maybe she's the same. She seems so personable though, it's surprising.

In Topic: Sato Masaki (佐藤優樹)

04 August 2015 - 03:08 PM

This girl is deep but so cryptic haha, I love her. Interview from the current triple A single's promo site:




On "Imasugu Tobikomu Yuuki"

I wept as I read the lyrics. I think that because this was the 59th single, the lyrics were written to make you weep (This is a pun on the word for weep, "goukyuu", and the numbers 5 and 9 pronounced "go" and "kyuu"). I don't usually cry when I get the lyrics, but I think this time they really apply to both me and to Morning Musume '15, so I was easily able to put my emotions into the recording and it went really smoothly. I definitely think the listeners will find parts that resonate with them. Nonaka Miki-chan and I were the main vocalists for this song, so we're talking about doing our best together. This may be the first and last time we see this combi together, so I really want to enjoy the moment while it lasts.


Aims for the final half of the year

I want all of my wishes to be granted (by god/kamisama)! For example, it would be great if Morning Musume '15 could go around the world and do good for others. Or get into a position in which we can perform at larger venues. It's fine if it's not all fun and games, if even 4 out of 10 things turn out bad than I just want the other 6 to be good. I believe that, in this world, every moment is a chance for things to go well (there aren't just specific times when things will go well, maybe?) If we all put our very best into it, and people's lives start interweaving/we start connecting with people, the people around us will start to naturally make things happen for us in a good way, something like that. So it's not really what I want a god to grant for me, it's more like I want them to teach me what I need to do to make things happen!

In Topic: Morning Musume (モーニング娘。)

04 August 2015 - 01:30 PM

That was beautiful. It would have been nice to maybe hear an English or Japanese version of Junjun and Linlin's solo parts by Miki/Maachan maybe, but it was a fantastic and touching performance without that part too.


On a separate note, the official website for Imasugu/Oh my wish/Sukatto is here with written interviews from the girls about one of the three songs and their goals for the last half of the year.

In Topic: Ogata Haruna (尾形春水)

04 August 2015 - 12:24 AM

I don't understand what she said in the interview. Can someone make a little summary please? (If you have time of course). Ogata is my second favorite. She's so cute and funny. <3


Sooo, I was doing this as practice for myself anyway, getting back into interpreting instead of just listening, when I saw this. Unfortunately, I'm a bit incapable of doing a "little summary" of anything :/ My essay of part one is below if you want haha, sorry it's not all in full sentences. I tried to shorten it but... failed ><.