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Civilization 4 Mod Making

21 November 2007 - 02:09 AM


Im making a Civilization 4 total convertion. The plans are that when im done its a totally new game where its not the world history, but Hello! Project's history. Its a BIG project and i only just started yesterday, so is looking for all the help i can get. I've list the different things thats in the works in this first post and update it each time something is changed. Feel free to post if you have any suggestions, either to new things that should be added or changed, or to some of the items in production :rolleyes:

(items highlighted is the latest things added same day)
Last updated 06.03.2008 - 2:51pm +1 GMT

List of things changed or added
1. All Empires and Leaders have gotten a total rewrite. Here's a list of what's been done:
Posted Image
Leader Before _________ Leader After
Posted Image Posted Image

2. Unit Changes:
  • Workers have been renamed to "Hello! Pro Egg"
  • Settlers have been renamed to "Tsunku"
  • Barbarians have been changed to "Rampaging Wotas"
3. Ingame text Changes:
  • City capturing messages have been updated
  • Unit disbanding message have been updated
  • Gold received message updated
4. New Main Menu background music
5. Removed French, German, Italian and Spanish languages from the game. But at a later date i might readd some languages if people want to help me translate

6. Bug Fixes:
  • Menu options have been changed to say Rampaging Wotas instead of Barbarians
  • Barbarian units is now properly called Rampaging Wotas
  • Several other Rampaging Wota ingame texts have been updated

List of things im working on

1. Bugs testing! Known bugs:
  • When building The Great Wall it still says Barbarians instead of Rampaging Wotas
  • The text message "A massive barbarian uprising is occurring. The Philistines have gathered an army of spearmen and are on the march." needs to be fixed to Rampaging Wotas
  • Some leaders cant be selected in the wiki unless you have selected one of the working leaders first.

Things planned to be added

1. Rewriting the technology tree
2. Add new religions
3. Change the background music ingame
4. Add more quests
5. Add new World Wonders
6. Add more special events
7. A new intro video will be created when there's enough added to the game to make one

If pictures are prefered or maybe a video to show some items in action, then i guess i can film it and link to a stream.
Im working with Warlords and Beyond the Sword installed and at the moment thats what i'm sticking with. The normal version of Civ4 will be supported at a later date, when i have it under control.

I'm at a point in development where there's an Alpha version ready (Alpha is where you only join if you want to help with testing new features and serious bug testing. Aka a very early point in development not meant to be played as a working game). If you want to help me and join the Alpha then PM me and i've send you the current version. It will be updated reguraly so expect new version all the time. (Alpha WILL Require Beyond the Sword)

Ps. I could use some help setting up a website for the mod. Plus i have some ideas for other things this site will contain.

Organised Hello!Online Europe Meeting

15 August 2007 - 07:50 PM

It’s time we have the first organised fan meeting in Europe and I’m ready to be the arranger for it. This topic will be/is used to plan the details of the meeting. Aka Where should it be? What are we planning to do? How long is it gonna take? When is it? ect. I'll try to remember to update the first post with the new ideas coming in this topic so you dont have to read Everything.

Date Suggested! LONDON, SATURDAY 2nd OF FEBRUARY, 2008. Any Takers???

Locations Suggested:

Hastings, Brighton, London or Manchester.



Where do you want it to take place? Any of the ones above or maybe you have one that you can provide. Tell in your post :)