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SANOKAME/kamedesu > kamedesu.net

Posted 17 October 2008

So I launched a new blog, shorter and more straightforward posts with less word-pooping. And hopefully more interesting content!

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October 2008

SANOKAME/kamedesu > SANOKAME.com

Posted 11 September 2008

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September 2008
11th: 奥村初音 (Okumura Hatsune) NEW

SANOKAME/kamedesu > New blog

Posted 13 December 2007

I've decided to use another blog. I don't really feel like explaining why but in the future I'll post links here when I make a new post there :P

However, the new blog is located here ^^

SANOKAME/kamedesu > 2008...

Posted 09 December 2007

... change your life ...

SANOKAME/kamedesu > Whine!

Posted 05 November 2007

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Hi everybody, long time no see!

So, last time I posted here was about a month ago so it's time to write again. I feel like I have to get some stuff off my chest this time but I'm not sure where to start ^_^
Well, to start... I wish there wasn't a month...