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Rambling of a Wota > BERRYZ SAIKOU - Day 3 Thanks for everything!

Posted 02 May 2011

Day 3 @ April 24th~

We ended up not going to bed until 3AM the night before, because we were out recording wotagei videos after the...

Rambling of a Wota > BERRYZ IKUBE - Day 2 Concert

Posted 01 May 2011

Day 2 @ April 23rd~

Concert day!!! Wohoooo~ The only Berryz related event of Day 2.
Since concert line up didn't begin until 6PM, we all slept in that morning. Our group gathered at 10AM and went into the convention center to see how the situation was. We know for sure some crazy fans will line up the whole day, but my group was not...

Rambling of a Wota > Guest Reception IKIMASU Day 1 part 2

Posted 01 May 2011

At 5:45PM, we booted it over to the Red Lion. A lot of fans already showed up and got good seats, but we were actually just glad to see food for the first time in the day. ReneƩ, the lady in charge of the Guest Reception, and her daughter checked everyone in. Big shout out to ReneƩ for being super awesome to everyone, and to allow us to have such a good...

Rambling of a Wota > GIRUUUUUUGAMASH Day 0 + 1

Posted 30 April 2011

Day 0 @ April 21st~

I picked up Berryz Kamen (Referred to as Misa, from here onward) and sanrio, and headed down the border toward Sakura-Con 2011. Nothing eventful really for the...

Rambling of a Wota > SPEC Episode 7 - Special Guest: Mano Erina wwwww

Posted 10 December 2010

I bet no one watched the episode of SPEC when Erina was the featured special guest. So here, let me show you what you are missing out on!

Stop reading if you don't want to know the story *SPOILER ALERT*

SPEC is a police investigative drama about people using their super human abilities to commit organized crimes.
The two main protagonist of this...