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About Me

(Call Me Que,the Kenshuusei Fan!~)
Whether they are new-or former,

The Kenshuusei always have my love!

Kaneko Rie is my original favorite.She is just so professional and deserves to debut!She has been working hard eversince her debut as an egg.I want her to stay determined,stay a great leader,and stay the same Rie she has always been!
Uemura Akari is my second favorite Kenshuusei.She is very cute and imperfect (which I like).I actually cried when I heard she was joining Juice=Juice (tears of happiness :D.).I really think Melon (green) fits her mysterious personality.Uemura has my support!
Okai Asuna may be a former member,but I always saw her as one of the best eggs (Not just because she is Okai Chisato's baby sister).Her voice is great,and one day,I want to see her as an idol (whether it is with UFP,or not.).
Jang Da Yeon is one of those kenshuusei I never got used to.I thought it wasn't fair that she did not get any attention though.During the S/mileage sub member auditions,she was impressive and I thought she was gonna make it!I miss her alot!
Takeuchi Akari is one of the succesful kenshuusei,and is very talented within S/mileage.She may not have the best voice,but she is a great performer!I can see her becoming leader of S/mileage one day.Never underestimate her.
Kosuga Fuyuka will always be a shining star to me.She was wonderful in S/mileage and didn't last long within the group (Too bad because it looked like she was gonna be a center girl).She is beautiful (Forget the Haters!) and talented.A girl I just can't make myself forget.
Okamura Rise is another shining star.An impressive girl she is indeed!Always striving and always impressing,how can you not love her?Another girl I will never forget,and another girl that you should not underestimate.
Shimizu Saki is my favorite non kenshuusei idol.She is the best dancer out of all of Berryz Koubou,and overall an awesome person.You gotta love her attitude!She is also cute and an idol that you just can't deny.Captain has the power!
Suzuki Kanon is another idol you got to love!No matter how much hate she may get,she will never back down.Zukki is very energetic,strong,and cool.I can never see her graduating from Morning Musume years from now.
Nakanishi Kana is another favorite non kenshuusei,and is a pretty,and funny girl.Gorilla-kun!Her vocals are the best (in my opinion.Her voice is a voice that some people just can't get used to,or can't imitate,and that is what makes it unique and good.).I will never forget her if she graduates.

Okai Chisato wasn't always my favorite.But in most recent C-ute singles,and even some of the oldies,she stands out to me.I also like her personality alot,and I am glad she is getting more attention as a person,and not just as an idol.I will support this girl forever!!
Iikubo Haruna is a beauty,stated by Tsunku himself.Her voice is getting there,and I can see her in the front in a couple of years.She WILL have her rein of leadership one day.
:arrow: :respect: :sly: XD :ongaku: :king: :keitai: :sleep:

DONT MESS WITH HAROPRO.Iikubo+Haruna+(16).jpg



(Ah!So kawaii~)

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