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OK, my commenting on forums ends here because it seems that some people can't have respect for other peoples views. Even if I'm not trying to be mean, people misundersta... Updated 30 Nov · 0 comments

About Me

Konnichiwa, my name is Heidi.

I'm the one that was stalking you last night --I..I mean that I'm just some random crazy otaku girl from the land far, far away called Finland, how could you possibly know me...? *makes an innocent face*

L-let's just move on, okay...?

My real name is Heidi Anneli Lipasti. (That's where you're supposed to think 'Oh, what a beautiful name...')

I live in a small town of Kurikka, that's in Finland, Sherlock. (Google it!! LOL)

Then for the questions. (They are from my life-long fans...(who would actually believe that?))

What kind of person are you?

I'm one of those stereotypical 'Japanese culture FTW' -maniacs who have nothing else to do that sit on computer all day watching anime or dorama or reading manga or listening to j-music or cosplaying or writing fanfics (though fanfics are not just otaku stuff.)

And I'm not an emo, mind you.

Would you tell me about your family?

I promised my deceased great-great grandmother not to write anything about my family on this site, so I'm not telling.
Yeah, right...
Mum, dad and my little brother (who looks like America (from Hetalia, Problem?), I mean EXACTLY like America, so much that it's unreal...) belong to my family.
We have two dogs, a cat and a goat. And before you ask, yes, my father is a Hillbilly.

What kind of things are you interested in?

anime, manga, dorama, reading, writing, drawing, acting, j-music, fanfic, karaoke...

Are you interested in anything NOT related to Japan?

Let me think...NO!! Except Jimmy Neutron, it rocks!

What is your favorite color?

Pink, what else possibly could a kawaii-lolita obsessed freak like me to answer? (My laptop is pink btw) And violet.

How old are you?

I'm 19, born in the same day as Madonna, except 30-something years later. (You just googled, shame on you!)

How tall are you?

165 cm. Just like Japan. But who actually cares?

How much do you weight?

Enough to crush your skull.

Do you smoke?

I don't smoke, drink or use drugs... of COURSE I don't... hehe *insert bad poker face*

If you're from Finland, why are you writing this in English?

Because I like English better, thats's why. This would sound retarted if written in Finnish. (Not that this isn't sounding retarted enough, with all grammar errors and spelling mistakes.)

Which one do you like the most; J-pop, K-pop or C-pop?

Hetalia all they way! Wait... I mean J-pop.

What is your favorite NON-JAPANESE band?

SID, of course. Oh, did you say non-Japanese...? Have you guys ever heard of Olympos Mons, Dreamtale, Sunrise Avenue or Poets of The Fall? Those are all bands from my country. And btw, I like jazz influenced music too.

What's with all these random questions?

That's a really good question...

What is your dream?

To finish this description-- I mean, to be a drawing j-music anime karaoke actress who reads manga and writes fanfics in her free time... Yeah, that's what I meant...

You're not making any sense and your jokes are lame! On top of that, you said some pretty offensive things earlier! Do you have half of your brain missing or something?

That's highly possible...

When will you stop this torture?

How about now? See you guys, and remember to inform me if you find my brain lying around somewhere.

sou sii juu leiter... ou shit, its kettin haart ty spiik...


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