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Kuduu<3 > my first drawing of Kudo <3

Posted 03 July 2012

This is my fail drawing that is ok I know it isnt great but its good for me

Kuduu<3 > my tec project

Posted 09 December 2011


Kuduu<3 > HAPPY~!

Posted 24 November 2011


Kuduu<3 > H!O and Kudo

Posted 20 November 2011

People on Hello Online are soo nice to mee so i thank you for being nice to me

KUDO makes me soo happy one day i hope i can see her live or get an autograph it would make me soooooo happy

even just talking about her makes me soooooo happy

and another matter i wanna say is some people have been a little mean to me because i say kudo things to much im...


Posted 05 October 2011