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Morning Musume。25th Anniversary Audition

morning musume audition 25th anniversary

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Posted 02 June 2023 - 10:36 PM

Isn't the point that they are supposed to look like regular girls? The girl next door type. The type of girl you'd see walking down the street or riding the train.


Unlike NGZ46 that appears to recruit directly from modeling agencies.(not confirmed but that's what I thought the first time I saw them) 

This is kinda ironic when you consider Nogi was initially meant to be the regular, girl next door type of idols, and you can really see that with their 1st and 2nd gens during debut... Most of the girls were pretty regular (but also prettier than AKB members). The problem they had is that because all of those 1st-2nd gen members blossoming into beautiful idols, their newer gens had to look just as good as them to catch fans attention and be pushed quickly. Fast forward to their 5th gen and they're all look like beautiful models shooting for a elegant themed concept in japan vogue lol 


Morning musume newbies have the luxury of being newbies in the traditional idol way. They can look average and be given the time to grow into their beauty and for most of these girls that takes years because management like to push their 2-4 senior members and leave the rest in the shadows a little. I suspect we will get more morning musume members with the new H!P audition, and like Rairi with this new gen, these girls will definitely look super pretty and idol like by the time the next gen arrive. 



I still feel weird. Call me crazy or awful, but I don't think any of the two members is pretty... or pretty enough for MM.


They said the same thing about Oda Sakura and she released her 5th photobook in March.

Give them time and wait for their idol makeover.


^ Oda is truly the blueprint for average girl to beautiful idol pipeline. Her debut to now is like night and day lmao 

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