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What happened to our H!O vets? And H!O in general?

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#101 rurupedia



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Posted 11 February 2021 - 09:49 PM

oh holy crap i just realized i never saw your response sukibeam, i'm so sorry!! super late but i definitely agree with u, i understand why theres less discussion and activity here not only with h!p doing less but just forms of sns shifting and fandom sources in general changing so i try my best to be active on here myself and do updates and everything (...which i haven't been able to do lately but hopefully i can get back on it once life stuff settles down lololol). oh and discord is cool for current fandom stuff, i'm in a few servers actually and it's fun but also tbh i do prefer forums more since its easier to gather my thoughts (which i'm horrible with like it takes me forever to put my thoughts into words tbh) and write everything down so i guess that's the main difference between forums and discord/sns/wtv lol

#102 ItsudemoAibon


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Posted 15 February 2021 - 03:49 AM

I've been a member here since 1/2008.....13 years!

And I think I've been fairly consistent with my presence.

Who here has been on long enough to remember the ZONE sub-forum? Or remembers when there wasn't separate Tsuji/Kago threads, just the W thread? At one time, the W thread had more comments than even Aichan or Sayu.......and most of the posts were about Aibon.

I have to admit that the times my activity here slacked off was because of being in the FB H!P Fans group........and I would return here everytime I got thrown into FB jail (where I am right now :D :D :D ).

#103 Shinji


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Posted 29 May 2021 - 05:12 PM

I've been a member since forever, 2004. I've never posted much though. This ain't specific to H!O, I love to read forums but rarely have something to say. I think the most posts I ever had on a forum was 100 something on Jpopmusic.com, ages ago.


Anyway, Hello!Online is a special place for me. Even when I lost interest in the fandom, around 2011, I came here from time to time. Now, I've regained interest in idols since 2019, and H!O is not as lively as before, but it still is my number one idol related place online.

I feel so nostalgic sometime, just browsing old threads in here, seeing names that remind me of the good ol'days. I'm really talking like some old guy, and I'm not even THAT old :P

#104 TheAnna18



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Posted 06 June 2021 - 08:10 AM

I used to post a lot on here when I was in middle/high school, mostly obnoxious rambling...but over time I stopped feeling the urge to spill out every single thought I had, so I became sort of quiet. A certain moderator person also always pissed me off so that didn't help. Then life got in the way I guess and I was too tied up in my own stuff to be concerned with chatting about idols.


That being said, I have checked h!o almost every single day for the last 14 years. Mostly just a force of habit, whenever I open a browser my first instinct is to go to h!o and look at the recent news. This last week or so I have been feeling the desire to post again, probably because I am on summer break and unemployed, so I don't mind to spend my energy on it. I guess that was the key all along, having nothing to do like I'm in middle school again :) 


#105 MsGaijin


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Posted 25 June 2021 - 10:40 AM

Saying hi to everybody~ with FB, Tik Tok and YT, my weekly time spend on H!O had been reduced to at least half than what it used to be.

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#106 Momomochi


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Posted 26 July 2021 - 03:43 PM

I'm usually just lurk on sometimes to post/browse or use the photoboard. I'm mostly on twitter when I'm talking about idols these days.


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#107 gubu chan chan

gubu chan chan

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Posted 12 October 2021 - 04:36 AM

I finally remembered my login details :) I don't even know all these people here anymore. And I've long 'graduated' from liking H!P now 


The inactivity here is also sad but forums in general seem to be dying

#108 Suprachicken


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Posted 18 October 2021 - 10:27 PM

Ever since there's no more content to download anymore it's been dead here :(


#109 Juandalyn



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Posted 22 October 2021 - 10:59 PM

To be fair, I can kind of see the appeal of Twitter and discord channels. The posts are shorter, often off-topic, so they're easier to react to (for example with emojis and gifs, which would be seen as spam in a traditional forum). They also work much better as apps than H!O does in online mode...

But I definitely miss the ability to browse through older posts and topics, they simply disappear on twitter or discord.


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#110 Ducky Mioda

Ducky Mioda

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Posted 23 October 2021 - 02:13 PM

I only joined H!O last year so I don't know much about its history, but I can judge from the amount of dead threads I've seen here that H!O used to be super-active back in the 2000s, but couldn't keep up with the times as the power of SNS has risen in the last decade...


(interestingly, I've been onto some online forums that run on newer tech than the 2012-to-2014-era IPBoard 3.4.x tech H!O runs on, so I guess they belong to an entirely-different forum generation*...  :c18: )

*and also interestingly, according to my research, IPBoard is part of that online community software suite called Invision Community (which was called Invision Power Suite back in the IPBoard 3.4.x days - not completely sure about now though), and major version 3 of that was initially released back in 2009, so that makes IPBoard 3.x.x and its corresponding software suite 12 years old as of 2021 (and I also heard that Invision Community 4.x.x is the latest and currently-developed major version of the software suite and v4.0 was initially officially released back in 2015, and... from what I've heard, they apparently completely rewrote the source code from the ground up for major version 4  :sleep: )

#111 Juandalyn



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Posted 23 October 2021 - 10:17 PM

Yeah, the forum software is quite a big problem I think. Fortunately some things have been fixed again (changing your avatar, quoting other people) but it's very obvious that the software is outdated.

Unfortunately moving up would probably cost some money, and I doubt anyone is interested in investing in this forum financially.


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