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#241 Lurkette



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Posted 16 July 2022 - 04:09 PM

Obilgatory: "will we ever get new image tags?" request when new members get added.

Tags are being added now.

#242 TVD


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Posted 16 July 2022 - 05:51 PM

Great to hear. :good:

#243 I♥Sayumi



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Posted 01 August 2022 - 04:22 AM

More than the board having problems right now, I am more saddened that sunshine0823 stopped uploading photos on the picboard. Although some of you still upload, sunshine0823 uploads almost all of the members pics. Hope that she's doing fine and comes back soon. 

#244 ruel


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Posted 08 August 2022 - 12:17 PM

sunshine0823 :sob:


#245 Ahornbjörn


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Posted 04 September 2022 - 08:53 PM

Nobody can upload all of the pics that are posted every day on all SNS and other websites.
But you could upload the daily IG post/stories and blog posts of the missing members/groups, so that would be a start.
Otherwise these photos will probably never be uploaded, don't just wait for others to upload and do it yourself  :good:
I just downloaded all of Sayu's Ameba blog pics (11680 pics in total since 2012) 473 new photos since July 22, 2022 (incl food pics), which weren't posted here. She just posts a lot.
If you see that an image is wrongly tagged you could just edit it.
It would be nice if the Flash uploader would be removed and replaced by a new one for mass upload, because the Flash Uploader isn't working anymore since Flash was disabled. So you have to select each image separate and upload it. Also lots of duplicate pics won't be recognized, and sometimes it flags different pics as duplicate.
HlWvoUSt_t.png eNirMQ0g_t.png
And Images above 2MB are also not allowed (even if it says 4MB), so you have to recompress them, I use https://ezgif.com/optimizefor that (also to convert webp and png's which the picboard also does not accept).
This one was 8.8MB as source for example, still looks good, but there a some larger pics where you see a strong compression.
capturefbecb.jpg (the left one is the HO re-recompressed version from 2 up to 2.9 MB)
And sometimes it happens that 2 people upload an image at the same time, so then you see the image of the other person in your uploads and yours is gone or shown in the other persons upload list, idk. So that's why there are empty images on the board sometimes.

♡ Sayashi is love,Sayashi is life ♪
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#246 I♥Sayumi



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Posted 05 September 2022 - 05:31 AM

I used Firefox Portable with Flash to upload lots of photos faster using Flash. Uploading one by one is such a hassle. 

But my problem is I uploaded too much at the same time (255 photos) last week that when I try to submit them it just says "Submission Failed". I even tried to delete all of that 255 photos or some of it but it still say "Submission Failed". Maybe there's a limit on how much you can upload at the same time or it's just a bug.

So now I can't upload anymore on the Picboard. I do want to upload at least Sayu and some of my favorite members photos. 

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