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Missing the days when we had actual diverse Morning Musume songs... take a look at that catalog from '14 to '18. Everything else after (except maybe the K&K single) is just bland
Jul 23 2022 06:32 PM
  • chisafan's Photo
    Yeah, sorry. I'm just curious about how the industry has changed over the years. Maybe the board works now?
    Jul 24 2022 09:22 PM
  • chisafan's Photo
    My favorite H!P song right now is Koi no UFO Catcher. It's very fun and cute while also kind of profound. The girls enjoy performing, you can tell. Before that I was on a J=J bender: Downtown, Va-Va-Voom, Future Smile; Reirei x J=J.
    Jul 25 2022 02:51 AM
  • Casidesia's Photo
    Agreed. MM is just a "safe" group now when it comes to songs.
    Jul 25 2022 04:56 PM