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Translation: ONE PLUS ONE Uemura Hasumi x Uemura Akari (Talk portion)

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Video 31 December 2021 · 183 views

Translated by Lurkette

Requested by thegabriel

Akari: So we're double Uemura, haha, and we're also both from Osaka, so when I heard we were going to perform together, I thought, "YES!!!" We've also taken quite a few photos together backstage at concerts and such, and I was really interested in her. I was the most interested in her, actually, but I didn't think that she would pick me to sing with her, so I'm really happy. Thank you!

Hasumi: I also didn't think I would have the opportunity to collaborate and perform with you and I was really nervous, but your smile was so bright when we faced each other and it was so comforting that it made me a little less nervous and I had a lot of fun.

Akari: I thought the same thing about you! Haha, we were thinking the same!

This is so cute. We all saw that look on Akari's face. :lol: A JP fan said it was 'the same way we all look at Hasumi' and they were correct.