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Translation: Watching the Morning Musume. '21 Sato Masaki Graduation Concert ~Messages to the Members~ (Tsunku♂ note)

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations 14 December 2021 · 202 views

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Watching the Morning Musume. '21 Sato Masaki Graduation Concert ~Messages to the Members~
2021.12.13 21:00

Article: Tsunku♂
Editing: Ozawa Aya
Illustrations: Mizushina Takayuki
Translation: Lurkette

Previously, I wrote my comments about Sato Masaki. Here, I'd like to give comments to each of the other members

The 15th generation members have grown enough to have some sense of security

Yamazaki: She doesn't seem like the youngest, she's very steady. Saying "panda panda" is some kind of running joke, maybe?

Okamura: I don't really hate her dropping the mic to talk during the MC. I like her high-pitched voice.

Kitagawa: She's extremely relaxed, maybe even more relaxed than Sato? She's a member I look forward to seeing more of. I'm sure she's paying attention to it, too, but I'm excited to see her position in the group when new members join.

Morito: There's a nice gap between when she's singing and how she is normally. Normally she seems like a good-natured college student, but that's good. The gap is cute.

Yokoyama: She's not the type to dance super sharp, but her movements kind of draw my eye to her. She's very Morning Musume, and yet she's a type we haven't had in the past.

Kaga: The sharpness of her movements is impressive. I felt like she's really gotten into the swing of things, including during the MC. I believe she might have found something inside of herself to hang onto.

Haga: It really seemed like she had no confidence when she first joined, but seeing her performance today, I almost can't believe it's the same girl. She'll likely peel back more and more layers of herself!

Makino: As expected, she seems to have a strong sense of her own aesthetic. No matter what angle the camera during the concert, she didn't have a bad one. She completely made me coo without me realizing it.

Nonaka: Her performance abilities and singing are going up a lot right now, so I watched her wondering how she will stand out in the future. I think it's only a matter of time before she establishes a character that can really express herself during MCs.

Oda: Naturally, her singing gives me peace of mind. I think it's because of members like her that people say Morning Musume. is a group with personality.

Ishida: When did she become such a carefree girl? It surprised me. She's like that one person in the family who has a good time when everyone is together, but when she dances, she's incredible!

Ikuta: Reliable. She has polished herself up over the last decade. Her persistence is amazing. I watched her and thought, "I feel like I can rely on Ikuta to bring out the character of Morning Musume."

Fukumura: Man, she's changed. It's not because she's leader, she's changed a lot recently. She's gotten sharp, and I think she has the confidence to do what she's doing right. I want her to push on like this.

So, those were my thoughts during this concert, it having been a while since I've been able to watch them this carefully. I honestly wanted to make some noise cheering them on, but with support of all the fans, they put on an amazing concert.

Finally, once more, congratulations to Sato Masaki on her graduation! And to the fans, thank you for everything. And to the Morning Musume. members, please believe in yourselves as you are and let me hear some great music.

I'm grateful for everything! Thank you.

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