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Translation: "There was no member like that before" Tsunku♂ gives high praise to "talent" of Morning Musume's Sato Masaki

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"There was no member like that before" Tsunku♂ gives high praise to "talent" of Morning Musume's Sato Masaki

2021/12/07 9:25
Article: Futaki Monaka
Translation: Lurkette

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On December 6, music producer Tsunku♂ had a conversation with writer Yoshida Gou on his YouTube channel, "Tsunku♂ Entertainment Channel." They discussed Morning Musume. '21 member Sato Masaki, who will be graduating from the group on the 13th, which received some attention.

Posted Image "There was no member like that before" Tsunku♂ gives high praise to "talent" of Morning Musume's Sato Masaki
Tsunku♂ comes up with ideas for song lyrics by speaking with the group's members. "Lyrics are a proxy for the girls' message," he says, but due to COVID-19 he largely has not been able to meet with anyone face-to-face, to which he says, "I do want to talk to them from time to time."

At which point, Yoshida says, "You wrote that you talk to Maachan on LINE quite a bit," referring to Sato of Morning Musume.

Tsunku♂ responds that he does speak to her on occasion, "It really is every once in a while."

Yoshida references her graduation, "Maachan is deeply emotive," before revealing that in an interview with Sato when she was around 13 years old, she said, "People get so mad at me, I'm definitely going to get fired after 3 years."

Sato is now 22 years old, and Yoshida praised her growth, "to keep doing it as long as she has, and furthermore to have so many people recognize, I guess, her true abilities, and then to quit in a spectacular fashion."

Tsunku♂ also had high praise for her talent, saying, "Her singing is very persuasive, and she has a high degree of understanding of music, she's quite dashing. There was no member like that before."
■After Sato Masaki's graduation, "It's like we're all watching over her"
When Yoshida says, "(Sato) is certainly unique. She's different from the girls we've seen go through until now," Tsunku♂ says, "A lot of things have changed."

"But, she said she will stay in music, so I'm not sure we've seen the heart of it yet... I feel like Sato will continue to transform herself. I don't feel like she's fulfilled her potential in singing," he references to her hidden abilities.

Yoshida also is looking forward to Sato's future, saying, "That makes me want to watch her, because she is someone who can sufficiently create songs and perform them, so I wonder what level she's actually at if she gives it her all."

Tsunku♂ demonstrates the positives of her graduating from the group, "That girl is someone who could have fun in many different ways. That's why I think it's fine for her to graduate. I feel like we're all watching over her to see what happens next."
■Tsunku♂ x Yoshida Gou's idol discussion makes viewers say, "Great, what a lively conversation!"

The video also included discussions around the subject of idols, from Tsunku♂ the idol songs Tsunku♂ remembered as feeling dangerous to the things he pays attention to when creating songs.

Viewers on the internet responded to the discussion between the two, saying, "Great, what a lively conversation!" "Such a strong back-and-forth between these two. "I want to see the uncut version of this conversation, even if I have to pay for it."

Tsunku♂ built up an era as a music producer, and Yoshida is very familiar with the era in which Morning Musume had their big break, so their dialogue was invaluable to fans.

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