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Just finished re-watching Berryz Kobo's Debut 10 Shuunen Kinen Concert Tour 2014 ~Real Berryz Koubou~ and I was blown away. That concert is perfect and one of my favorites ♥ Updated 15 Jan · 0 comments

About Me

Hey there!!


My name is Linda, people call me Lin Lin (no, it's got nothing to do with Morning Musume's Linlin :huh: ), I'm 18 years old and a Hello! Project Fan since 2011.


I got to know Hello! Project thanks to the awesome group that is/was Berryz Kobo; I used to be somewhat of a fan of Pretty Cure and one of those days, while looking for OST from the series, I found a mp3 in a free music site and the song was just so fun and catchy that I became almost obsessed with it, it became an instant favorite. Uuunfortunately, since said music site was kind of shabby, the file didn't have the name of the artist/band nor the title of the song, in fact the song wasn't even complete... Basically it was just named something like "Pretty Cure Movie ED". Not much of a help.


My motivation to finding out who sung that song and the title of it was only to find the complete song, I never thought "I must find more music from these people". I tried to get answers but I was young, didn't know much about the internet... It was complicated. I spent more than a year trying to find that cute song, it wasn't until my ear became better at distinguishing Japanese words ('cause I occasionally listened to J-Pop and watched anime) and that I became more skilled at using the internet that I decided to type some of the words I could distinguish into Google and Youtube and after a while, I finally stumbled upon a nice PV. You don't know how happy I was to finally get to hear and enjoy completely that fun song that I had loved for such a long time. The PV was cute so I downloaded it and quickly I took a liking to the cheerful and cute girls singing such an adorable song... And the rest is history (lol).


The song? It was Berryz Kobo's Gag 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai ^_^




Note: The order in which groups appear is determined on how much I like the group in comparison with others


Note 2: The members who appear in the first line are my personal favorites, the members in the second line are members I like and love but aren't really favorites and the members in the third line are members I haven't "formed a bond with", for one reason or another (I respect them as people but aren't my type of idol, if you happen to like those members, don't get upset, they must have their charm and I respect your choices). If there is no third line then that means I like the entire group.


Similarly, Bold and Underline mean I'm really fond of those members (I used this combinations for all of BK because I love them all and even though I do have my faves, I greatly appreciate the other members too), Bold alone means I really like a member and plain text means either I like a member enough or that they don't fit the other categories (it all depends on which line they appear in).


Complicated, I know XD but I understand myself he, he ^^;




Maiha | Maasa | Yurina | Momoko

Captain | Chinami | Miyabi | Risako


Trivia: Momo was initially the member I liked the most ('cause she's adorable), but shortly after Maihacchi took her spot. As I began to know the group more I realized how wonderful Maachan and Kumaicho were but Momo (as you can see) still has special spot in my fan heart... Momo the Pro ♥




Akari | Tomoko | Sayuki

Yuka | Karin & (Aina)




Rei | Rio | Sakurako | Minami

Ayano | Rena | Natsumi





Momoko | Miyabi





Yumeno | Saori | Mao | Mizuho | Kiki

Kisora | Ami

Risa | Riko




Uta | Nanami | Momoko | Risa

Musubu | Mai | Manaka | Chisaki




Megumi | Erika | Chisato


Maimi | Airi | Saki | Mai





Ayumi | Masae





ReiRei | ShenShen

PeiPei | Youko | Guu-chan | Anchii




Mika | Danielle | Lehua


Chelsea | April




Rikako | Moe | Yuuka | Kanon

Maho | Momona | Meimi | Ayaka

Kana | AkariMizuki | Saki | Rina




Inoue Hikaru | | Ichioka Reina | Kawamura Ayano | Yamazaki Mei | Kitagawa Ryo






Interests Outside H!P




Two Mix | Perfume

Tone Jewel (idol group) | (a little) Momoiro Clover (Z)


Trivia: My favorite members from Tone Jewel are Kana & Keekihime (mainly Kana) while my favorite members from Momoiro Clover are Akari Hayami and Shiori Tamai (mainly Akarin even though she's not part of the group anymore)

Western Artists

LIGHTS | Owl City | Remy Zero


Anime/Western Animation & Manga


Princess Tutu (Anime only) | Lovely Complex (Mostly the manga) | Medarot (Anime/Videogames) | Oban Star Racers (Anime) | Code Lyoko (Western Animation) | Nanaco Robin (Manga) | Kaitou Saint Tail (Manga/Anime) | Hana no Ko Lunlun (Anime) | Thundercats (Original Series only) | Corrector Yui | Heidi (Anime) | Pansy (Manga) | Candy Candy (Mostly the Manga) | X-Men: Evolution | Pretty Cure (Original Series & Max Heart Only) | Beyblade (1st Season only)




Estpolis Denki/Lufia | Ougon no Taiyou/Golden Sun | The Legend of Zelda | Harvest Moon | Pokémon | Super Mario Bros. & derivates |




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