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(ISO) Hello! Project Sports Festival 2004 (DVD9)
April 4, 2009 - 9:13:07
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The Incredible He-Hulk
Filmed on November 14th and December 5th 2004, respectively.
DVD released on March 5th 2005.

Spring is finally in full swing, and that means it’s time to return to the most glorious competition in idol history: The H!P Sports Festival.

Remember, we’re counting them down in reverse order, and next up is the 2004 variety. Ahh, 2004… A year so great that H!P held two sports festivals less than a month apart! Sadly, the one they chose to film for DVD wasn’t as good as the one they let slide! Take it from those who attended the Tokyo Dome SF, it was better. But, don’t worry, they give you a digest version at the beginning, and the Saitama Super Arena event that follows is still head-and-shoulders better than the 2006 variety anyway you slice it.

Why is 2004 better? Because it is. 2004 is two years younger, two years leaner, two years meaner, two years more daring and two years more bruuutal! 2004 strikes nearly a perfect balance between silly idol contests and actual athletic competition.

• In 2004, they actually tried to give us a great 60m sprint tournament, and they actually succeed.
• In 2004, the looks on the faces of the girls in the sprint final are so dramatic, focused and serious you’d think this was idol-dome. You could cut the tension with a hacksaw. Murakami Megumi is so nervous; she looks like she’s going to barf. Although, she always did kind of look like that.
• In 2004, they still played that weird capture the flag game. Is it any wonder that the tireless strength of Sudou Maasa and the endless will of Konno Asami make for the most deadly duo of them all?
• In 2004, when a girl wins an event they raise a flag that’s a picture of her face during the ceremony. It’s the ultimate in self-aggrandizement and perfectly expresses the true motto of idol competition: I’m great and you stink.
• In 2004, the eternal rivalry between Konno Asami and Yajima Maimi was truly joined.
• In 2004, Gatas Brilhantes finally plays someone they can compete with.
• In 2004, they give Epson brand printers to the festival’s MVP’s. Yes, seriously. No, I’m not screwing with you.
• In 2004, Okai Chisato (once thought to only be a clone of Hagawara Mai) actually appears and competes. She doesn’t really do anything, but, I mean, she works hard, or whatever…
• In 2004, the most biff-filled idol box jumping ever.
• In 2004, everyone in the crowd does the wave for some reason. Yes, I guess it was still cool in Japan. No, I don’t know why.

Anyway, enjoy this release and look forward to the 2003 H!P Sports Festival coming to a tracker near you.

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