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Niigaki Risa,

Michishige Sayumi,

Tanaka Reina,

Kamei Eri,

Yajima Maimi,

Kumai Yurina,

Sugaya Risako,

Natsuyaki Miyabi,

Mitsui Aika,

Sudou Maasa,

"Li Chun, Junjun",

Tsugunaga Momoko,

Suzuki Airi,

Shimizu Saki,

Tokunaga Chinami,

"Qian Lin, Linlin",

Hagiwara Mai,

Okai Chisato,

Nakajima Saki,


Mano Erina,

Wada Ayaka,

Maeda Yuuka,

Fukuda Kanon,

Saho Akari,

Ogawa Saki,

Hello! Project,


Takeuchi Akari,

Miyamoto Karin,


Shin Minimoni,

Pucchi Moni V,



Takahashi Ai,
Upload Information
Uploaded on 05-January 10
By Lottie
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Picture size: 640x457

Picboard: Hello!Project 
Comments (Showing the latest 5 of 18)
dbesthair23  06-January 10
I didn't realize before, but this pic made me look twice at how Chinami and Dawa look like they could be sisters :O!
chriiiistopher  06-January 10
MITSUI! When did you blossom to be such a mature, beautiful looking girl? :D
I am loving Tanpopo# so much right now. Tsunku must have heard my prayers when he put all my favourite members in the same group. ^_^
~CliFFord~  10-January 10
Pucchimoni V's Outfit=Pira! Otome No Negai
Shin Minimoni's Outfit=Pen Pen Kyoudai
High-King's Outfit=DESTINY LOVE
Tanpopo#'s Outfit=Umbrella
Aa!'s Outfit=Yume To Genjitsu

I Like their Song's Outfit!! hahahahah!!
wYnmar  11-January 10
guys, i need some answers
which are each groups in the pic, i only know high-king capt, ai-chan, maimi, reina and maeda

and the others .... i'm confused i never saw this combination, i think Aa! are Airi, Miya andd an egg?? i dunno, sorry for the interruption.

*Bookmarked* hoping to find some answers
lonely_cookies  12-January 10
^ Yep, High-King in the front, and Aa! is Miya, Airi and the egg is Saho Akari.

The other groups are:
Tanpopo# at the top center
Shin Minimoni in the pink outfits
ZYX-α in the middle wearing all white
Pucchimoni V at the top left, wearing blue, pink and yellow
and Zoku-Biyuuden in the purple.
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