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Fukuda Kanon,

Katsuta Rina,

Nakanishi Kana,


Takeuchi Akari,

Tamura Meimi,

Wada Ayaka,
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Uploaded on 03-May 12
By sunshine0823
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Picture size: 640x480
Picboard:   Hello!Project 

 May 03 2012 06:51 AM
At least 4 of them appear to be pointing at the same place or person... what's going on? O_o
 May 03 2012 06:57 AM
They've found you with your pants down, and they're now calling the police (so don't pretend you don't know what's going on!)
 May 03 2012 06:59 AM
^ It wasn't me... it was my evil twin. =P
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