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Nakanishi Kana,

Takeuchi Akari,

Wada Ayaka,
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By sunshine0823
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 May 01 2012 07:34 PM
wada: i think i'm pregnant!
akari: the kid is not my son!
 May 01 2012 08:04 PM
^ You are a genius. <3
 May 02 2012 01:12 AM
Wada: "No, she's probably your Daughter"
 May 02 2012 01:46 AM
For some reason, the urge to look under The Takeuch's skirt is just a little stronger now.
 May 02 2012 02:04 AM
You're letting your inner pedobear show, put it away before someone tattles on you.
 May 02 2012 03:10 AM
It's mere scientific curiosity at this point.
 May 02 2012 07:34 AM
Sorry, looks like you'll have to settle for looking up the Gundam's skirt.
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