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Fukumura Mizuki,

Hagiwara Mai,

Iikubo Haruna,

Ikuta Erina,

Ishida Ayumi,

Kudo Haruka,

Mitsui Aika,

Nakajima Saki,

Okai Chisato,

Sato Masaki,

Sayashi Riho,

Tanabe Nanami,
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Uploaded on 14-March 12
By sunshine0823
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Picture size: 360x480
Picboard:   Hello!Project 

 Mar 15 2012 12:39 AM
Why are they all together?
 Mar 15 2012 01:17 AM
^ Well from what I can tell, they are all together to take a group photo.
I'm sure there is no other reason for people to stand that uncomfortably close to each other. Except maybe in being stuffed into modes of public transport.
 Mar 15 2012 01:27 AM
^ xD i mean like they were doing an event, a TV show, theatre or something?
 Mar 15 2012 06:31 AM
^Well apparently they all gathered together for opening day of Maimai's new play/musical.
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