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Berryz Koubou,

Fukuda Kanon,

Fukumura Mizuki,

Hagiwara Mai,

Hello! Project,

Iikubo Haruna,

Ikuta Erina,

Ishida Ayumi,

Katsuta Rina,

Kosuga Fuyuka,

Kudo Haruka,

Kumai Yurina,

Mano Erina,

Michishige Sayumi,

Morning Musume,

Nakajima Saki,

Nakanishi Kana,

Natsuyaki Miyabi,

Niigaki Risa,

Okai Chisato,


Sato Masaki,

Sayashi Riho,

Shimizu Saki,

Sudou Maasa,

Sugaya Risako,

Suzuki Airi,

Suzuki Kanon,

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Tokunaga Chinami,

Tsugunaga Momoko,

Wada Ayaka,

Yajima Maimi,
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Uploaded on 03-January 12
By Chobineko
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Picture size: 2785x2000
Picboard: Hello!Project 

 Jan 03 2012 01:11 AM
Awesome pic that NEEDS to be pumped.
 Jan 03 2012 01:24 AM
are these the other costumes for the hello! project winter concerts?
 Jan 03 2012 01:31 AM
^I think that they'll be the one used for the special photosets and all the new goods that will release from now n_n But yeah they are!
 Jan 03 2012 01:42 AM
Zukki looks so pretty!
But Riichan's face, oh my. x)
Everyone looks cute!
 Jan 03 2012 02:32 AM
So cute! I'm honestly surprised that Masaki is up front and Sayu isn't. XD I love these outfits~~ I wish this would come in a huge poster size!
 Jan 03 2012 03:24 AM
Chinami looks super-hyper-pretty, Zukki looks badass and Maasa is gorgeous.
 Jan 03 2012 05:25 AM
Some of the best concert costumes ever.
 Jan 03 2012 01:56 PM
So true, these outfits are AWESOME!
 Jan 03 2012 02:55 PM
I could stare this picture forever. I love those outfits!
 Jan 03 2012 11:07 PM
it looks like Victoria Secret's Pink collection.
Also, MOMO looks amazing!
Honorable mentions:
Dawa, Rihoriho, Sayu, Gaki, Chinami, Haruka.
 Jan 03 2012 11:13 PM
I didn''t recognize Kumai at first!
 David Snow
 Jan 03 2012 11:33 PM
You all are kidding, right? What you mean to say is those are the worst costumes ever, right?
 Jan 03 2012 11:49 PM
^ mmmmnope. i like em too. :D
 Jan 04 2012 12:36 AM
^ Uh. No. They're cute.

Also, Masaki, Kanon, Ayumi, Riho and Maimi in the front row! <3 REALLY pleasantly surprised by Ayumi's position! <3
 Jan 04 2012 02:37 AM
I absoloutely adore these! Especially the right side~~ Ayumi is so lovely!!
 Jan 04 2012 03:17 AM
I love the Funky clothes better than the rock clothes!! OMG I didn't reconized Chii-chan!! She looks sooooo hot!! Rinapun looks soooooo kute!! *WANTS TO STEAL THEIR CLOTHES!!*
 Jan 04 2012 03:41 AM
^ Must... restrain... self... from... saying it. LOL
 Jan 04 2012 04:07 AM
I love the clothes and i think they all look beautiful but i think that Risa, Miya and Maimi should be on rock chan and Airi, Masaki and meimei on funky chan, and i also don't get why Miya and Sayu aren't in the front... but besides that i like the covers =)
 Jan 04 2012 08:18 AM
A bodyguard's work is never done.
 Jan 07 2012 05:49 PM
I agree with David Snow, these costumes are really terrible, and only a few of them look good (Gaki, Eripon, or Mano for exemple), but the rest is kinda bad, i don't understand how you can like these.
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