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Morning Musume,

Niigaki Risa,

Michishige Sayumi,

Tanaka Reina,

Mitsui Aika,

Fukumura Mizuki,

Sayashi Riho,

Ikuta Erina,

Suzuki Kanon,
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Uploaded on 07-September 11
By sunshine0823
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2012 Calendar

 Sep 07 2011 01:03 AM
You know...they really do look beautiful here. And they all look like they'll do just fine without Ai-chan--even though we'll all miss her in Momusu~
 Sep 07 2011 01:07 AM
Aww, Riho with the biggest smile <3
 Sep 07 2011 01:21 AM
Like nearly everyone else, I love Ai-chan, but what gives me hope is that first, Risa will be a steady, reliable leader and second, Riho has great promise and third, the tenth generation may bring yet more talent and energy. Ai-chan will never be "replaced", but Morning Musume will survive.
 Sep 07 2011 01:48 AM
Calendar! Sayumin! Centre! Yay! Love! :D
 Sep 07 2011 01:53 AM
I am sure MM will survive, but I am getting older and the girls are getting younger so it just seem wrong. For me, Ai-chan is the last girl of my generation, so I will be departing from MM. In term of beauty, Reina and Sayumi are both gorgeous but I think they lack the grace and elegant that Aichan have. She seem like a girl that is mature at heart and young in spirit.
 Sep 07 2011 02:15 AM
I don't like Morning Musume without Ai, but this is my first gen even though I bet for most people it isn't so I'll keep following it and Ai for that matter. Also, I love Gaki, Reina, Sayu, Riho and Kanon too much
 Sep 07 2011 02:45 AM
Riho's bright smile <3
 Sep 07 2011 03:06 AM
Riho's smile is by far the best thing of this pic <333333333
 Sep 07 2011 04:35 AM
 Sep 07 2011 04:41 AM
I'm SUPER sad that Ai-chan's gone, it won't be the same since I became a fan. But I won't stop supporting them like Thanh said. I love the other girls too much to stop (♥-♥)

 Sep 07 2011 06:49 AM
this is tough. i mean, who'll risa be paired up with now? you can't see one without the other. aichan and risa are like peanut butter and jelly. they just go together.
 resonant project
 Sep 07 2011 11:23 AM
Aichan ('~')
 Sep 07 2011 01:34 PM
^Time for TanaGaki hotness YEAH.
 Sep 07 2011 01:56 PM
It's positive image :-)
 Sep 07 2011 03:39 PM
somehow Aika looks the oldest among them :O
 Sep 07 2011 04:52 PM
That is so cute picture! :3
But i want Risa or Sayumi can be next to Reina, not Riho...
But okaaay, that is still good. :)
 Country Musume FanBoy
 Sep 08 2011 10:08 AM
I hope Risa stays in MM for a while longer. I remember when Abe Natsumi graduated, Iida graduated barely a year after. I hope this isn't the case with Ai and Risa. Risa is going to be an amazing leader, and Sayu will be a wonderful sub-leader :D
 Sep 10 2011 06:32 PM
I knew something was missing by first glance. I know Morning Musume will continue being great with Aichan, but it's hard to not miss something/someone who's always been there.
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