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Ikuta Erina,
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Uploaded on 20-June 11
By Melisa
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Picboard: Hello!Project 
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 Jun 20 2011 02:22 AM

PS: Gomen ne, Sayu...
 Jun 20 2011 05:54 AM
Heresy. I think we need a bunny vs bunny battle to figure this one out.
 Jun 20 2011 06:09 AM
^ I'd suggest skimpy bunny costumes and wrestling in chocolate with an Easter bunny theme, but Erina is a bit young for that. Oh well... which one can do more bunny hops (sort of like jumping squats)? Given Sayumi's relative lack of fitness (I type as my belly protrudes over the edge of my desk), I'll bet on Erina.
 Apple Cake
 Jun 20 2011 06:38 AM
aww she's adorable <3
 Jun 20 2011 08:39 PM
^ ^ Yeah, we should probably wait a few years for the bunny on bunny chocolate pudding wrestling match.

I wouldn't discount Sayu too quickly, though, this is a straight defense of her cuteness - something she's never had a sense of humor about.
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