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Morning Musume,

Niigaki Risa,

Michishige Sayumi,

Tanaka Reina,

Mitsui Aika,

Fukumura Mizuki,


Sayashi Riho,

Ikuta Erina,

Suzuki Kanon,

Takahashi Ai,
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Uploaded on 09-May 11
By sunshine0823
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Picture size: 640x478
Picboard: Hello!Project   

 tattoo fish
 May 09 2011 07:54 AM
Does Riho have like a big bandage on her right leg or something?
 May 09 2011 08:06 AM
oh no's! riho has kicked risa outta the front and is asserting herself in the front lines >.< bad kouhai
 May 09 2011 09:26 AM

it really looks like riho has a bandage on her leg. maybe she hurt herself? >.<
 May 09 2011 11:30 AM
^ It's pre-wrap or something like it - it's used basically when people's muscles get achey, but it's really nothing serious.... Runners/joggers around your neighborhoods probably use it as well when out for their daily routines ^^
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