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Morning Musume,

Niigaki Risa,

Michishige Sayumi,

Tanaka Reina,

Kamei Eri,

Yajima Maimi,

Kumai Yurina,

Sugaya Risako,

Natsuyaki Miyabi,

Mitsui Aika,

Sudou Maasa,

"Li Chun, Junjun",

Tsugunaga Momoko,

Suzuki Airi,

Shimizu Saki,

Tokunaga Chinami,

Berryz Koubou,

"Qian Lin, Linlin",

Hagiwara Mai,

Okai Chisato,

Nakajima Saki,


Mano Erina,

Wada Ayaka,

Maeda Yuuka,

Fukuda Kanon,

Ogawa Saki,

Hello! Project,


Takahashi Ai,
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Uploaded on 03-January 10
By Lottie
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Picture size: 640x916
Picboard: Hello!Project 

 Jan 03 2010 03:04 PM
 Jan 03 2010 03:09 PM
I love Nakky's and Maasa's pix!
 Jan 03 2010 03:30 PM
risako always
 Jan 03 2010 03:33 PM
Risa and Maimai all the way <3
 Jan 03 2010 03:39 PM
Yurina and Chii own. Followed by Ai.
 Ada xD
 Jan 03 2010 03:40 PM
^ Agreed xD
can't wait to see what this dvd mag is about D:
 Jan 03 2010 03:58 PM
Notice their Mouths??? XD
MM- "o"
BK- "e"
Cute - "i"
S/m- "u"
YURINA AND CHII Wins this picture for me. <3
But I still love Miyabi. :)
 Jan 03 2010 04:11 PM
i glad this pic is random, i actually have to look at all girls to find my favourites. usually i never pay attention to others.
 Jan 03 2010 04:14 PM
Eririn~ <3
 Jan 03 2010 04:23 PM
I can see lots of WIN in this.
 Jan 03 2010 04:25 PM
Maimi's grin = LOVE <3 XD
there goes Kame's lips again wuaaaah XD
And Sayu is so cuuute

 Jan 03 2010 04:38 PM
I love the °C-ute's they have the luck to say i it makes them like they smiling cheerful! But great H!P Pic.
 Jan 03 2010 05:36 PM
Oh my god, this is amazing. Literally everyone looks good here.
 Jan 03 2010 05:50 PM
Oh, asianlover is right!

Erina - A
Berryz - E
ºC-ute - I
Momusu - O
S/A - U

Interesting :O
 Jan 03 2010 06:18 PM
They should make a poster of this
 Jan 03 2010 06:35 PM
I vote for Yurina and Yuuka.
 Jan 03 2010 07:25 PM
Could it be:

MM- "mo"
BK- "be"
Cute - "ki"
Mano - "ma"
S/m- "su"
 Jan 03 2010 08:10 PM
Junjun = ♥
 Jan 03 2010 08:27 PM

And Yurina and Chinami combo win. :3 Though Yurina's is really good.
 Jan 03 2010 09:59 PM
Yurina is win <3
 Jan 03 2010 11:21 PM
Junjun's expression is the best
 Jan 04 2010 01:04 AM
 Jan 04 2010 02:39 AM
Bumping this back to the top where it deserves to be~
 burnt glitter
 Jan 04 2010 03:27 AM
Most of the girls look like they're forcing it way too much in this picture. I know they're idols, but seriously, Junjun looks ridiculous.
 Jan 04 2010 04:01 AM
^ Junjun almost looks like she's mocking it, rofl. I love how ridiculous she is here.
 Jan 04 2010 04:40 AM
Hey, Junjun's awesome.
That's so cute, they're all saying the name of their group x3
 Mr. Phenomenal
 Jan 04 2010 07:59 AM
@ asianlover - you are PHENOMENAL for noticing that.

@ jujubee - O.O you're on to something~

@ burnt glitter - nah~ this pix is just WIN. you're just imagining.

 Jan 04 2010 09:55 AM
@ jujubee: you are right!
MoBeKiMaSu are the katakana in that little colored icon you see at the bottom of the new year's photo sets with the girls sometimes holding a paper kana.

Mo Be Ki Ma Su = Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, C-ute, ManoEri and S/mileage = the winter concert tour -> Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Mobekimasu~

So that means that “Kachou Fuugetsu ~Mobekimasu~" will feature those groups. On the other hand the “Kachou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle Deeto~” concert tour will feature the new shuffle groups such as High King, Tanpopo#, Buono, etc.
 Jan 04 2010 02:55 PM
First row: Gaki LIN wins!!
2nd Row: Maasa,Ai,Yurina and ERI Wins!!
3rd row: Sayu and Chisa wins!
4th row: none...
5th row: Risako and Jun wins!!
 Jan 12 2010 07:24 PM
Eri with a tan and nude pink lipstick pwns everybody and everything in this world :0
 Jan 12 2010 07:25 PM
Bumping to the top again <3 sorry for double comment
 Jan 19 2010 01:23 AM

LinLin looks like she's advertising ramen...actually, all of them do. Except Mai and Saki (C-ute)...they just wanna smile.
 Sep 11 2010 04:19 AM
Chisa has such pretty eyes!! as always ^^
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