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Gekikara LOVE / Now Now Ningen / Konna Hazujanakatta! (Regular Edition C) (Single)

BEYOOOOONDS' second single, to be released on March 3rd, 2021. This is the Regular C edition.

1. Gekikara LOVE
2. Now Now Ningen
3. Konna Hazujanakatta!
4. Ninenmae no Yokohama Eki Nishiguchi / CHICA#TETSU
5. Gekikara LOVE (Instrumental)
6. Now Now Ningen (Instrumental)
7. Konna Hazujanakatta! (Instrumental)
8. Ninenmae no Yokohama Eki Nishiguchi (Instrumental) / CHICA#TETSU

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Submitted by rurupedia

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Next Release: 20 January 2021