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19-Aug 2020
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20-Aug 2020
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26-Aug 2020
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01-Sep 2020
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Hello!Project BEYOOOOONDS - School of BEYOOOOONDS. (0)
19-Sep 2020
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30-Sep 2020
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07-Oct 2020
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Hello!Project Who is your favourite 15th gen. Momusu member?
  Rio Kitagawa
  Homare Okamura
  Mei Yamazaki
  I luv them all
 Submitted by: Mattthecat
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User Comments
 2008-10-20 23:21

 2008-10-20 23:30
I really want to say I'm surprised... but I'm not. I kinda felt this coming, especially with the way the global economy is going.

My only question I'm thinking of now is that, did any current members of MM that were considering graduating from MM in the near future change their minds now. (*Looking at Risa, Eri, and Ai.*)
 2008-10-21 00:25
its sad I am going to miss them!!
Yossi and Yuko forever! XD
 2008-10-21 01:38
All I know is that this final performance HAD BETTER be the one put on the DVD, and it had better be an AMAZING concert. I wanna see EVERYONE together for one last time.

I listened to Otome Pasta ni Kandou by Tanpopo, and it just hit me that THEY WILL ALL BE GONE! Kaorin, Marippe, Charmy, EVERYONE! I would really love to see all the remaining members of the groups perform their old songs *Tanpopo, Pucchi Moni, etc*.

I know I'm gonna treasure Nacchi's final single A LOT....

The Wonderful Hearts members had better start impressing me now. Hopefully the underestimated ones can get their chance to shine. I look for a bunch of new members and units to pop up like popcorn now.
 2008-10-21 02:42
Unfortunatley the entertainment buisness is a cutthroat buisness. I have seen many of great artist let go because of the "What have you done for me lately" mentality the entertainment buisnesses tend to have. One they see a decline in sales they will thank you for what you have done and let you go. The Entertainment feild has always been this way and will never change and all artists have a shelf life.As new fans come into the fold they tend to not to be able to connect with the older artist and want there own voice to lead them just as these gilrs did for us back then. Like you it saddens me because i have watched these girls for many years put out great songs and watched them grow from adolescents to adulthood and even though they are not a part of a big company i hope they still plug away and put out songs that can be enjoyed by thier fans. We will always have our memories of a time when they were the greatest and nothing can take it away from us. May good fortune fall on all of them.
 mzpinay x3
 2008-10-21 04:28
lol i like the "yep all of 'em" part.
LMAO wtf.
Hahah wats left thenn...
momusu and the kids? -_-
haha i guess this is what happens when I don't pay attention to H!P as much anymore.
 2008-10-21 05:18
Obviously, this is an indirect result from sub-prime loan. :P

I guess it is time for some of them to get a new job, or be a mom. Like some had mentioned, some of them would just go back to work on Monday doing the same thing under new employment agency.
 2008-10-21 06:41
I'm sad to see a part of this phenomenon end, but really, did you guys who are really upset think that they were gonna stay in HP till they were all in their 40s or 50s, lol. We knew that they would have to trim in down eventually. When you add dozens of people over the years, it cant just keep that momentum forever.
 2008-10-21 12:22
Good Morning! I mean Good Mourning! It's me with my lame comments again :)

@mzpinay x3: Please, pay more attention to H!P for now :P
 2008-10-21 12:26
Ohhhh Nooo! No no! My first thought was "If this is serious, I'm through with Hello! Project." I think I'm going to be sick. Seriously.

Okay I have calmed down a little. Yes I can understand why this happened and I have been feeling sorry for the Elder Club eventhough I love the girls in it. I just hope that the girls are successful and us fans can continue to follow them.
 2008-10-21 15:13
I hope they can get on with a normal life, if they were leaving the whole company (which they probably aren't), it would probably be best for them, like how old is Yuko now? But yeah, sad times... they gave us a lot of entertainment. The bad thing is how they just lumped them all together and 'tossed them out'. ALL of those women leaving at the same time, really now.

BTW, is Tsuji included in that? Like what is she supposed to do once she comes back, IF she comes back
 2008-10-21 21:19
One thing I don't understand is how Ongaku Gatas is graduating. 1/2 of the members are Eggs!, and the whole reason the group is together is because of the H!P futsal team. So, if those people graduate, there won't be any reason for them to stay together. It doesn't make any sense. I hope they just mean that Yossy, Rika, Mai, and Konno are graduating, and the Eggs members are staying.
Presumably, H!P will take advantage of it's huge Eggs reserves, and make some more groups. What I will miss though, are the performances, photobooks, and specials, like Alo-Hellos that I've always enjoyed.
 2008-10-21 23:27
now they are more approachable!! wahahah!! the best move ever!

lets see this positively!

10 year in entertainment world they should have a good grief of it and good stronghold.

time change! so do people. dont limit them under H!P, they should deserve more after so many years entertain us. time to return the favor!
 2008-10-22 03:39
I guess I can cancel that Matsuura Aya calendar I was planning to order.
 2008-10-22 06:17
Just a bit shock when they all mass moving instead one by one... :|
 2008-10-22 09:51
Aww so sad... I am only a fan of H!P 'cus of MoMusu Generations 1-4 and maybe 5. Also, my bday is on march 31st.... what a way crappy way to celebrate it T_T

Speed was also disbanded on that date. I guess Johnson and Nono won't be coming back to H!P after all. (Kaorin is my second favourite, Aibon is my #1... and to complete my top 3, Kemeko is my 3rd fave.)
 2008-10-22 10:00
im very happyn with this decision!

new is good

BUH @ who still say "kids...."... -_-

HP will grow up.. finally....
 2008-10-22 12:40
Their graduation will be a dark day in the world of Jpop for sure, these girls founded H!P and made it the success it is today.
I hope Inaba Atsuko will advance in her career, she's too good for background work. I think her recent activity outside of H!P was participating in her former group, Osaka Performance Doll. It would be nice to see her form her own group, or even better, start a solo career!
 2008-10-23 06:52
I'm...speechless. The only thing that is currently keeping me interested in H!P is going away. D: D: D: *dies* I just hope that none of these talented women will actually stop making music, they're too good for that.
 2008-10-23 08:51
wow...that's a lot of people...hitomi i'm gonna miss her she's one of my faves, my favorite one that was in morning musume. but if this will make her happy, then i'm happy.
 2008-10-23 19:23
Wow... this really is the dawn of a new H!P.

I don't even know what to think, all I know is that this is a BAD move on their part.

Wait... then what will happen to the new Yoshizawa/Ishikawa duo??
 2008-10-24 00:22

'they' decided…find the courage to begin a new path towards their future careers? what bs!
These are their careers! And does tsunku really expect for us to believe that the girls came up with this decision? He probably just wants to get rid of them and use the money to hire more young girls but who can replace the older talents? They’re the soul of H!P, they have the experience. With so many Eggs running around why doesn’t he just get rid of some of them? I was just thinking about Marippe today, wondering how she’s doing and now this. I’m going to miss her, Yossi and Mikitty so much. I hope they’ll stay in the industry.
 2008-10-24 02:26
I'm too lazy to read all of the entries so if this point has already been kindly ignore this entry. With all due respect to everyone that is on this board at this time but I am suspicious as to why so many members are graduating at the same time and I wonder if maybe The Hello!Project has found out that most if not all of the girls have boyfriends and/or husbands(YUKO?!) and they have decided that it would be too big of a scandal to endure and they have just kinda, sorta pushed these girls out in hopes of preventing a scandal before it becomes a SCANDAL! Again I apologize before hand if I have offended anyone but I remember the same thing happening with Mari Yaguchi when she got caught with her boyfriend. Also AI Kago and one of the Berryz (Ican't remember her name at this time) got the boot when it was discovered that they had boyfriends. Anyone care to comment or am I just reading too much out of all of this.
 2008-10-24 11:01
OMG! What a shock!
 2008-10-25 03:04
i somehow knew that something was going on when HaroMoni got cancelled. it was just the snowball down the hill. i fear the worst is yet to come......

im just speechless........i dont know what to say.............thsi news has knocked 3/4 of my vocabulary out of my mind..
 2008-10-26 17:37
Le gasp! MIKITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 2008-10-27 05:50
They'll probably get work as either OLs or office ladies (Nakazawa, Abe, Saito, Murata, Shibata, Otani, Satoda, Miyoshi), attendants at a ryokan (Inaba, Maeda, Yasuda), anchorwomen (Ishikawa), teachers (Yaguchi, Konno, Ogawa), Women's World Cup soccer players (Yoshizawa, some of the Gatas), stay-at-home moms/housewives (Iida, Tsuji), or even porn stars (Fujimoto, Okada, Matsuura).
 The Great Cornholio
 2008-10-27 16:50
@satrain16 - Aya Matsuura as a porn star? Does my avatar count? That's Aibon's hand by the way.
 2008-10-27 22:44
1st read: It's ok, they're just graduating from H!P... they'll be moving to another project under UFA...

2nd read: Wait... H!P *IS* UFA's "project"... they'll still remain in UFA... right?

3rd read: Then again, it's probably not fair to constrain these "elder" talents in the images of "idols", which normally places restrictions on what they can do with their life... I mean, there's more to their career and life beyond H!P... it was a great place to establish their fanbase and now that they're no longer bounded by the obligations for being an H!P idol, they can expand their talents/career and follow their dreams...

At this point I'm just making excuses to feel better... (Yossie... Mikitty...?)
 2008-11-01 07:35
well, no one is getting fired, so that is good news. See my post and translation in the Elder Club thread in the H!P agency section of the forums about the new fanclubs:

 2008-11-02 17:56
Who would have guessed: the entire reason behind the mass graduation was to create more fanclubs to milk more yen from the japanese wotas
 2009-01-06 22:54
I'm sad Nozomi is leaving, but maybe she'll move to TNX and get back with Gyaruru.
 2009-07-15 11:49
without yossi yuu-chan two-top jonhson kemeko etc ... the morning musume now is very boring but i'm glad that Ai and Gaki-san are still here in momusu
 2014-01-26 06:44
4years later..in the end it has turned out quite well..
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