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Hello!Online Poll
Hello!Project Which Momusu 13th gen member are you most excited about?
  Kaga Kaede
  Yokoyama Reina
 Submitted by: Yasser96
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User Comments
 2018-01-24 18:38
Haachin's honesty! :D
 2018-01-24 23:04
i love Yokoyan's fashion sense :)
 2018-01-26 03:17
If Chel's advice worked, I'd be cute by now too
 2018-01-27 01:44
Haa-chins is the only true answer.
Eripon is so desperate. xD
And Sakuras puts far too much pressure on people that want to be cute. Srsly smiling even when you really don't feel like it is just scary.
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