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Hello!Project Which Momusu 13th gen member are you most excited about?
  Kaga Kaede
  Yokoyama Reina
 Submitted by: Yasser96
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 2017-06-08 21:43
This is C-ute's chronologically final weekly Q&A. You may have noticed I haven't had sources for them every week so it's possible previous ones will still pop up, which I will post, but this one dated 6/8 is their final "new" one.
 2017-06-08 22:03
Damn, knowing it will be their last anyways kind of killed the joy of reading their answers... :(
 2017-06-09 04:33
T^T Time flies. I hope that each of the members are still active around the entertainment industry and not disappear.
 2017-06-11 05:21
Goodbye C-ute
 2017-06-12 14:05
Ro-kun, I have said it before and I will say it again: Thank you so much for all your translations!
 2017-06-15 04:33
T_T ah this is just too sad
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