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  Takagi Sayuki has left Juice=Juice after Bunshun revealed her relationship with singer Yuuri.  
  Hello!Project Written by Juandalyn , updated: 14:07, 14-Feb 2021  
  On February 11 2021 the newspaper Bunshun posted an article about Takagi Sayuki seemingly living with the upcoming singer Yuuri. The article featured photographs of the couple together with a male member of Yuuri's management, as well as Takagi hanging up laundry on the balcony of Yuuri's apartment. According to their sources management knew of their relationship, which has been going since 2019 - before Yuuri had his breakthrough.

The article focuses on Yuuri, mentioning how he had his dates pay for meals when he was still a street musician and mostly putting him into a bad light. Nevertheless, the news had consequences for mostly Takagi.

A day later Up Front published a statement by representive director Nishiguchi and Takagi herself, announcing her withdrawal from Juice=Juice:

"Thank you for supporting Juice=Juice.
The member Sayuki Takagi has decided to end her activities with Hello Project and Juice=Juice.

We have received an urgent explanation from Sayuki herself about this news. We have come to this conclusion based on our overall judgment that she lacked self-awareness as a member of Hello Project.

She will not be participating in the concerts and events that have been announced until now, starting tomorrow.
We will be discussing and deciding on her future activities.
We would appreciate it if you could give us some time.

We apologize for the sudden announcement and
I would like to express my sincere apologies for the suddenness of this announcement, and for the worry and inconvenience it has caused to our fans and everyone concerned.
I would like to ask for your understanding and patience.
Thank you for your continued support of Sayuki Takagi and Juice=Juice.

February 12, 2021
Upfront Promotion Inc.
Representative Director Takeshi Nishiguchi"

"From Sayuki Takagi to everyone

Thank you for your warm support.

I, Sayuki Takagi, would like to announce that I will be ending my activities with Juice=Juice and Hello! Project.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience and worry caused by this sudden announcement.

As a member of the group, I was not aware of my actions and acted rashly.
I have betrayed the feelings of many people.

Juice=Juice is a place that has taught me many things, a place that has helped me grow in many ways.
Above all, I love and cherish the members of Juice=Juice, and I am filled with regret.

And to all the fans who have supported me, to all the people involved, I'm really sorry for betraying your feelings with my thoughtless actions.

I don't think I can ask for forgiveness.
I've been thinking about how I should take responsibility and how I should repay you, and I've decided to report to you in this way.

The time I spent as a member of Hello Pro Egg and Juice=Juice was irreplaceable for me, and it was an unforgettable time for me to meet my precious friends, staff, and fans. I really can't thank you enough.

Please continue to support Juice=Juice.

February 12, 2021
Sayuki Takagi"

(Translation credit @ A/Jplop)

The announcement was met with massive feedback by Japanese and international fans, questioning the decision and alleged "idol rules" in the year 2021.


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