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  Username/Password Recovery Issue and How to Contact a Mod to Fix It  
  Hello!Project Written by rurupedia , updated: 14:59, 8-Dec 2020  
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(Disclaimer: The writer of this article is not a moderator, but they were given permission by a moderator to write this article.)

There is a known issue with receiving username/password recovery e-mails that is preventing people from accessing their accounts/creating new accounts. As there is no way to fix the issue at the moment, here are ways to get in contact with a moderator to recover your account.

The problem is that, when one tries to recover their username or password, or when they are trying to confirm their e-mail address for a new account, the e-mail never sends. This is likely due to a broken e-mail database, and unfortunately at this point in time cannot be fixed as the admin is not online often. A workaround that has been used in the meantime is to contact a moderator with your account details, and they can either manually change your account details OR create a new account for you (depending on the situation).

To contact a moderator, two have given contact information for either Discord or Twitter. If neither of those are possible, also try contacting other active moderators or users through information in their profile, and they can contact a mod for you or help you if they are able to.

Contact Information
Lurkette: Discord (Lurkette#4767)
Ro-kun: Discord (rokun#0461), Twitter (@iluvatarin)

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