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  Oota Haruka returns from suspension, leaves Angerme Angerme  
  Hello!Project Written by minaeshi , updated: 14:01, 13-Oct 2020  
  It was announced that Angerme's 7th generation member Oota Haruka, after being suspended from hello!project activities since March due to a breach in contract, will be returning to continue activities in Hello!Project. However, they also announced that she will no longer be active as a member of Angerme.


The translation of the announcement here, courtesy of Lurkette

Notice regarding Oota Haruka hereafter

As always, thank you for supporting ANGERME.
Regarding member Oota Haruka, who paused her activities in March of this year, her activities in ANGERME have finished,
and from here on, she will be starting from square 1, aiming to be able to work once again in Hello!Project.

We have sincerely accepted that we as a company were not attentive with Oota
when it came to guidance on knowledge or mental preparedness while working as an idol,
and from here on, we will work diligently to make sure the same thing does not happen again

Since stopping her activities, Oota has spent her days re-examining and challenging herself.
During this time, she was able to confirm that it was her intent to continue working,
and so I'd like for us to move forward together,
with her taking lessons daily so that she can have a new start in Hello!Project.

We will inform you at a later time as soon as we decide what her future activities will entail.

I humbly ask for your support for the restarting Oota Haruka and ANGERME, as well.



Representative Director Nishiguchi Takeshi

Oota Haruka's statement.

To all of the fans, from Oota Haruka

As always, thank you for your support.
I, Oota Haruka, spent my days of my hiatus reflecting back on myself.
They were days re-examining the things I wasn't able to do,
the naiveté of my actions, my lack of self-awareness as a professional, how I should carry myself as a working member of society.

During that time, when I left my activities as part of ANGERME, I came to the decision
to go back to the start and work hard from there.

To everyone who supported me from my time as a trainee,
to everyone who supports ANGERME,
to everyone who supports Hello!Project,
I'm truly sorry that I betrayed you.

I also apologize from the bottom of my heart to everyone who was waiting on my return from hiatus.

I will return to you all, without fail, by putting forth even more effort than I did before.

This is a selfish request, but I ask for your support from here.

Oota Haruka

It was not clear what she will be doing in Hello!Project yet. She has been removed off the Angerme members list, and Angerme will continue as a 8 member group.

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