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Hello!Project Okamura Homare - Homare (Photobook) (1)
15-Jul 2020
Hello!Project Kanazawa Tomoko - Kanazawa Tomoko L. (0)
07-Aug 2020
Hello!Project BEYOOOOONDS - BEYOOOOONDS① (Photo. (0)
19-Aug 2020
Hello!Project Hello! Project - Hello! Pro. (0)
Hello!Project Hello! Project - Hello! Pro. (0)
20-Aug 2020
Hello!Project Shimakura Rika - Juukyuusai no Nats. (0)
26-Aug 2020
Hello!Project ANGERME - Kagiriaru Moment / Mirror. (0)
30-Sep 2020
Hello!Project Tsubaki Factory - Dansha-ISM / Ima . (0)

Hello!Online Poll
Hello!Project Who is your favourite 15th gen. Momusu member?
  Rio Kitagawa
  Homare Okamura
  Mei Yamazaki
  I luv them all
 Submitted by: Mattthecat
Total Votes: 21    Comments: (1)
  Hello! Q&A MM'20 (5/26/2020)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 21:34, 26-May 2020  
  2020/5/26 Hello! Q&A

Morning Musume '20

Q: Who's a member you think has a great sense of rhythm?

Fukumura Mizuki
Posted Image

Takeuchi Akari-chan
I don't think I've ever felt like she was out of rhythm~!

Ikuta Erina
Posted Image

Probably Homatan??
Enjoy that rhythm sense she has without having been taught anything!!!!

Ishida Ayumi
Posted Image

Kamikokuryou Moe-chan's galaxy singing

Sato Masaki
Posted Image


Oda Sakura
Posted Image

Kanazawa Tomoko-chan!!!

Nonaka Miki
Posted Image

Everyone is amazing!

Makino Maria
Posted Image

Sato Masaki-san

Haga Akane
Posted Image

Fukumura Mizuki-san!

Kaga Kaede
Posted Image

Oda Sakura-san. Her boke→tsukkomi rhythm is wonderful.

Yokoyama Reina
Posted Image

Fukumura Mizuki-san
Since she has a strong image of being good at drum-beating games.

Morito Chisaki
Posted Image

Takeuchi Akari-san

Kitagawa Rio
Posted Image

Sato Masaki-san, and from another group Takeuchi Akari-san

Sato-san catches all the sounds that I can't from only the sound source with vocals included. All the way to the stuff I finally catch when listening to the instrumental (the sound source without the vocals)!!! I think that's really amazing.

Since Takeuchi-san can catch how to sing something through picking up the rhythm just by listening to a song, I think she's also amazing.

Okamura Homare
Posted Image

Fukumura Mizuki-san ・ Oda Sakura-san
They politely teach me when listening to small details of my singing, and tell me like "No, this is how you do it," just by listening, which I think is amazing.

Yamazaki Mei
Posted Image

Sato Masaki-san
When teaching me rhythm, she beats out the rhythm well with her voice.
I think her rhythm when she sings is amazing, too.

Original Japanese text:

Thanks to Locksaur for the graphics, and Saeba Ryo for the source!

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