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12-Jun 2020
Hello!Project Yamazaki Mei - Mei (Photobook) (2)
25-Jun 2020
Hello!Project Yamazaki Yuhane - Yuhane (Photobook. (0)
08-Jul 2020
Hello!Project Kobushi Factory - Kobushi Factory L. (0)
10-Jul 2020
Hello!Project Okamura Homare - Homare (Photobook) (0)
19-Aug 2020
Hello!Project Hello! Project - Hello! Pro. (0)
Hello!Project Hello! Project - Hello! Pro. (0)

Hello!Online Poll
Hello!Project Which Momusu 13th gen member are you most excited about?
  Kaga Kaede
  Yokoyama Reina
 Submitted by: Yasser96
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  Hello! Q&A BEYOOOOONDS (4/24/2020)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 18:24, 28-Apr 2020  
  2020/4/24 Hello! Q&A


Q: Who's a member you rely on?

Ichioka Reina
Posted Image

Shimakura Rika-chan
She's the member who I can talk with most about anything.

Shimakura Rika
Posted Image

BEYOOOOONDS Hirai Miyo-chan
I always get advice from Miyo about things.
She so warmly listens to me and is so kind that I've come to rely on her.

Nishida Shiori
Posted Image

Everyone in BEYOOOOONDS, and Angerme's Kawamura Ayano-chan!

Eguchi Saya
Posted Image

Ichioka Reina-chan
She always listens to what I have to say... I rely on her!

Takase Kurumi
Posted Image

Okamura Minami-chan
Since when Takase forgot what she was supposed to say at a recent MC, she followed up better than anyone!

Maeda Kokoro
Posted Image

Nishida Shiori-chan
Since it's calming when I'm with her, and she has her own strong opinions about things,
and her "pro" awareness is high, I always come to rely on her!

Yamazaki Yuhane
Posted Image

Maeda Kokoro-chan
(Since she's serious and follows schedules well,
I'm relieved if I ask Kokoro when I don't understand something.)

Okamura Minami
Posted Image

It's Hirai Miyo-chan!
She's very reliable, and I think everything about both her private life and her performance is incredible!
I quickly go ask Miyo-chan about things like "When would be best to go?" or "Is this the right choreography?"!!
It's my dream to become as cool an adult as Miyo-chan!!

Kiyono Momohime
Posted Image

Shimakura Rika-chan
Since I can tell her anything, and she'll definitely give an interesting response no matter what boneheaded thing I say to her, I'll talk to her anytime.

Hirai Miyo
Posted Image

Kobayashi Honoka-chan!
Since she'll give me advice in an objective way, I really rely on and am grateful for her!

Kobayashi Honoka
Posted Image

Hirose Ayaka-san.
She'll talk about whatever, from things to do with Hello! Project to everyday stuff!

Satoyoshi Utano
Posted Image

Koyabashi Honoka-chan and Nishida Shiori-chan and Maeda Kokoro-chan.
Whether it's about a performance or just general things, since they'll answer any questions I have quickly, and even listen to pointless stories, I really rely on them!


Credits to Saeba Ryo for the source and Locksaur for the banners!

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