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  Hello! Q&A Tsubaki Factory (12/28/2019)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 2:44, 5-Jan 2020  
  2019/12/28 Hello! Q&A

Tsubaki Factory

Q: What power or ability do you want most now?

Yamagishi Riko
Posted Image

The power to grow taller.
I want just a bit more height. I can't look good in the clothes I want to wear... lol

Ogata Risa
Posted Image

Weightlessness. lol

Niinuma Kisora
Posted Image

I want the power to be able to do anything! I want to become invincible!

Tanimoto Ami
Posted Image

Communication ability
I feel like I could enjoy a lot more if I had high communication ability.

Kishimoto Yumeno
Posted Image

Writing ability!
Since in blogs and such... it's hard to convey everything 100% in words!
So I want the ability to convey something to people in writing properly when I want to.

Asakura Kiki
Posted Image

The ability to speak with my dogs
I wanna ask what they think of me~.

Ono Mizuho
Posted Image

Magic powers
If I had magic powers I feel like I could do anything.
When I was little I wanted to be a black witch.

Onoda Saori
Posted Image

Communication ability!
I want the tricks to make people I meet for the first time into friends.

Akiyama Mao
Posted Image

English ability.
Since I think I'd be cool if I could speak it, I want English ability.

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