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  Country Girls go on hiatus after 12/26/2019 Management hints at possible reboot  
  Hello!Project Written by Juandalyn , updated: 13:00, 19-Oct 2019  
  On 10/18/2019 there was an announcement about Country Girls' future on Hello! Project's website: The group's members will graduate on December 26, resulting in the group going on hiatus without any active members.

Yamaki Risa will graduate from Hello! Project. Since she will finish her university education next year she will also graduate from College Cosmos. She wants to try to get a job outside the entertainment business, retiring completely.
Yamaki said she wanted to enter the industry not to become an idol but to become a part of Hello! Project. Since she leaves H!P, she wants to leave the whole industry.

Ozeki Mai will graduate from Hello! Project as well. She will finish her high school education next year, moving on to go to university. Her plans are to do some more activities as an overall entertainter, ending her time as an idol.
Ozeki was the only member of Country Girls who wasn't part of another group, focusing on her education. She wants to challenge herself to new goals.

Funaki Musubu will graduate from Hello! Project and ANGERME in March 2020. She wants to challenge herself by studying dance and takes a break from entertainment business.
Her time in ANGERME made her think more about herself, and she came to the conclusion that she wants to express herself differently from her idol days.

Morito Chisaki will graduate from Country Girls with the other members, but stays in Hello! Project and Morning Musume.

All girls want to give it their best towards the last two months and apologize for the sad and sudden announcement.

Management added another line: They are considering a fresh start with new members for the group.

On November 5 Country Girls will celebrate their 5th anniversary, which leaves the current incarnation at the group ending at 5 years, 1 month and 21 days.

Hello! Project announcement: http://www.helloproject.com/news/11156/
Yamaki Risa blog post: https://ameblo.jp/countrygirls/entry-12537082696.html
Morito Chisaki blog post: https://ameblo.jp/countrygirls/entry-12537111350.html
Ozeki Mai blog post: https://ameblo.jp/countrygirls/entry-12537075852.html
Funaki Musubu blog post: https://ameblo.jp/countrygirls/entry-12537135020.html

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