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  Hello! Q&A MM'19 (10/1/2019)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 18:50, 1-Oct 2019  
  2019/10/1 Hello! Q&A

Morning Musume '19

Q: Please tell us a favorite 〇〇 you've had recently.

Fukumura Mizuki
Posted Image

I've been into walking the length of about 3 stations!
The other day I walked about 4, 5 stations long with Kaedii ♪

Ikuta Erina
Posted Image

The Disney character Forky!!!!

Ishida Ayumi
Posted Image

I found a favorite curry recently.
Since it's a spicy type just the roux is spicy, but I've eaten a colorful accompanying side dish with it, and lastly it's even more delicious all mixed together!

Sato Masaki
Posted Image

My recent favorite secret water ♡

Oda Sakura
Posted Image

My favorite way to kill time recently is plotting with my cats.

Nonaka Miki
Posted Image

My favorite color. Black. Before I realized it everything I own is becoming black.

Makino Maria
Posted Image

Mary Quant manicures ♡

Haga Akane
Posted Image

My recent favorite food is boiled corn.

Kaga Kaede
Posted Image

My recent favorite snack is "millet biscuits".
It's not too much even if I eat them every week.

Yokoyama Reina
Posted Image

My favorite tapioca
Brown sugar tapioca latte ♡

Morito Chisaki
Posted Image

Extremely spicy cooking
I want to become good at it.

Kitagawa Rio
Posted Image

Recently I've changed my smartphone case, and it's become my favorite!
Until now I've used a case with an IC card slot that had a picture of a peach, but that broke, and now I went with a case that holds an IC card and a mirror! It has a drawing by my one of my favorite artists, Keith Haring. I really like it! ♡

Okamura Homare
Posted Image

A character plushie ♡.

Yamazaki Mei
Posted Image

Ikuta Erina-san's hairstyle is a recent favorite of mine

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