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  Hello! Q&A BEYOOOOONDS (2/3/2019)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 22:03, 6-Feb 2019  
  2019/2/3 Hello! Q&A


Q: Are you the type to protect or be protected in a haunted house?

Ichioka Reina
Posted Image

Be protected (run away)

Shimakura Rika
Posted Image

The type to be protected... or rather, the type to leave my friends behind and run away!

Nishida Shiori
Posted Image

Though I've never been in one, since they're scary, I'd want to be protected.

Eguchi Saya
Posted Image

The type to be protected.

Takase Kurumi
Posted Image

I don't have a memory of going into a haunted house in my life・・・。
However, I think there's a 90% chance I'm the type to be protected。。。
I hate scary things・・・。

Maeda Kokoro
Posted Image

The type that wouldn't go in

Yamazaki Yuhane
Posted Image

The type to be protected

Okamura Minami
Posted Image

I'm the type to be protected.
I'm extremely bad with ghosts...

Kiyono Momohime
Posted Image

Either one.
Since I'm a person who often talks to ghosts, if I had to pick I'd be the type to protect.

Hirai Miyo
Posted Image

I definitely wouldn't go to begin with!

Kobayashi Honoka
Posted Image

Surprisingly, the type to protect!
...or more like, I'm the type to yell out and be scared when there's nothing there...

Satoyoshi Utano
Posted Image

Since I'm bad with them, the type to be protected... I guess?


Credits to Saeba Ryo for the source and Daaishi for the banners!

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