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  Miyazaki Yuka to graduate from Juice=Juice and Hello!Project Graduation  
  Hello!Project Written by minaeshi , updated: 12:50, 21-Dec 2018  
  It as announced that Juice=Juice's 1st generation member and leader Miyazaki Yuka will graduate from the group at the end of the Juice=Juice Spring Tour in 2019. Yuka announces and comments on her decision on a clip from Hello!Station.

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She states that since she will be turning 25 next April, she would like to take on new challenges outside of the idol world.
She'll be the second member to graduate in 2019 after 2nd generation member Yanagawa Nanami, set to graduate in March 2019.

Lets support Yuka with her last few months in Juice=Juice!

Official Announcement: http://www.helloproject.com/news/9678/

Miyazaki Yuka Hello!Online discussion thread

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