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  BEYOOOOONDS introduce 3 winners from the Only You Audition! New members  
  Hello!Project Written by minaeshi , updated: 19:04, 3-Dec 2018  
  On October 19th, Hello!Project revealed that the third group of BEYOOOOONDS will consist only of winners from the Only You Audition.
Today, during the BEYOOOOONDS Ouen Kikaku FC Event 2018 ~Fuyu no Jin ZIN~ concert at Yamano Hall, the audition winners were revealed to the public for the first time! The Winners are;

Posted Image
Hirai Miyo, Born December 11, 1999 (18 years old)
Hometown: Tokyo
Education: First Year University Student
Hobbies & Skills: Photography, Dancing and Painting

Posted Image
Kobayashi Honoka, Born August 16, 2000 (18 years old)
Hometown: Tokyo
Education: Third Year High School Student
Hobbies & Skills: Listening to Music, Playing the Piano, and Drawing

Posted Image
Satoyoshi Utano, Born September 22, 2000 (18 years old)
Hometown: Tokyo
Education: Third Year High School Student
Hobbies & Skills: Watching Animal Videos, Tea Ceremony's, Making Accessories, and Choreographing

With this, alongside Ise Reina who joined Angerme as a 7th generation member, the number of ONLY YOU Audition winners is now 4, becoming the audition with the most winners to immediately join a Hello!Project group since Morning Musume's 5th generation winners in 2001.

The three members will form the third and last remaining group (name yet to be announced) within the BEYOOOOONDS group collective, and will start their member activities alongside the other 9 members during the Hello!Project Winter Tour in 2019.

Congratulations to the winners, welcome to Hello!Project!

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